Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Creating accurate consumer profiles is something many businesses do in order to learn as much about their audience as possible so they can effectively market to them and get the best results. This handy guide will tell you how you can go about creating accurate consumer profiles yourself so that you can target who you should be targeting and get out of this world results for your business.

Without this, your marketing efforts won't be nearly as targeted and you probably won’t get the results that your company is capable of getting. If this is something you’re interesting in doing,... Read More

When people mention New Zealand and business, most tend to mention Auckland, Christchurch or the country’s capital of Wellington. However, more recently there has been a huge increase in businesses listing themselves in Hamilton. This growth is said to have made Hamilton a valuable business hub as the city’s businesses contribute to over 3.4% of the national GDP.

The city, which is on New Zealand’s North Island south of Auckland, has grown exponentially over the last decade in terms of tourism and commerce. Now Hamilton is starting to put itself forward as one of New Zealand’s most... Read More

Throughout the month we have invited you to discover how to bring your ideas to life with the different tools of Office 2010. This week we conclude with the latest tool in the suite: Power Point 2010, the creator of presentations used by students, teachers, professionals and even children, the new 2010 version offers more ways than ever to create and share dynamic presentations. New and striking visual and audio capabilities will help you tell a story with almost cinematic quality, as easy to create as it is attractive to watch. In addition, now PowerPoint 2010 allows you to work simultaneously... Read More

Over the last few months, we saw a lot of Zendesk Chat customers switching to Freshchat. Interestingly, there seemed to be a core set of common themes as to why people chose to make the switch. So, we thought we will write a post listing our observations on this aspect.

It’s all about the user experience

At the outset, Zendesk Chat is a good tool in its own right and has proven its mettle. However, technology and user expectations evolve continuously. For instance, we are in an era where we are moving towards modern messaging than traditional live chat. So, would users still like... Read More

A good call center service can act as an important pillar for the growth and development of a company. And the key to this is getting a good call center software solution. There is no doubt that this depends on a plethora of features that need to be gauged and compared to find a good call center software solution that suits your business.

Business factors

The functioning of your business depends on various factors. And the same holds true vice-versa. To ensure that the call center software solution you pick is the right one, you need to keep business features and factors... Read More

What is the purpose of a business? Profit maximization. How can that profit maximization be achieved? By attracting more and more customers to the business. Customers will be drawn towards a business and its services only if they are completely satisfied with everything that business would have to offer. This does not only include the actual service/product that the business deals in, but also includes the customer care services the customer receives before and after making use of the service/product. There are several platforms through which customer care services can be ensured like social... Read More

Considering the last few years, decentralised currency and its associated transactions have been the talk of the globe. With Takashi Nakamoto initiating the journey with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others following suit, cryptocurrency today is presuming global commercial acceptance.

This phenomenon has created an unlikely divide - one group of people who are savvy in the use of cryptocurrencies and the other group which is entirely at sea about it. The division is understandable; after all, not everyone shares the same interests. Having said that, it is essential to have at least... Read More

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