Sunday, November 18, 2018

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A lot of new business owners make the mistake of thinking that they are simply selling a product or a service to their clients or customers. But this isn’t true. If you don’t believe that, just look at the evidence. Various studies and polls have shown that a user online is more likely to click on a company if there is a picture of the owner of the business. It makes them roughly 80% more likely to click! What does this tell us? Simply put, clients are interested in the person behind the brand rather than just what they are selling. That’s important because if you don’t understand this concept... Read More

Driving your vehicle into a lake or ocean is something straight out of a nightmare. Fortunately, the situation doesn’t need to be as grim as you’d imagine. Follow these tips and you can make it through the situation as safely as possible.

1.Get Out of the Car

It’s a common misconception that you should stay in a sinking vehicle to save your air. By staying put, you actually increase your chance of drowning.

Once you hit the water, you need to find a way out of your car. First, you need to remove your seatbelt. Try to unfasten it. If you can’t, use something sharp... Read More

Supplement sales have become a booming industry all around the world. Before you decide to hop on the train, however, you'll need to know a few things about starting a health and wellness company. Here are just five tips before you hang a shingle and declare yourself open for business.

1. Gather Your Funds

Have you heard the statistic about most businesses failing to turn a profit for the first year? It's a bit exaggerated, but it has a grain of truth to it: It might be awhile before you can take any money home from your supplement company. For this reason, it's critically... Read More

Homeowners can plan and hope for years before they end up buying their first home. But home ownership isn't the end of the story — in fact, it's just the beginning of a grand and sometimes stressful journey. Homes need to be protected with insurance and cared for with routine maintenance. Things get broken and need to be fixed; walls need to be repainted and floors need to be replaced.

And you shouldn't stop there. Keeping up with your home's pressing maintenance and repair needs is one thing, but actively improving your home can be quite another. When you take the time to invest... Read More

Why go for SMS marketing when the company is not offering you exciting features. There are a lot of SMS marketing companies. And every company has its bunch of features. But as the client, your take would be to select one company which offers you the most necessary and relevant features which suits your SMS marketing. And that is why it's not bad to be too fussy and picky while selecting and finally enrolling with one marketing company. Rather you should settle with one only when you are fully convinced.

The next generation SMS marketing

SMS marketing has been taken... Read More

We unleash their secrets here!

Ask About Your Business

Of course, you know about your business, it’s your company! But, any interested and qualified candidate should have done a cursory Google search of your company before the interview. A brief search should at least bring up your basic company information.

Business listings stand out for anyone searching your company by name so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t know the information listed there. Ask the candidate how they would explain what your company does to a person on the street.

Talk About Salary

The... Read More

A sales process is well defined, repeatable and technology-based tool in line with the organization's sales strategy. The sales strategy defines the broad parameters---target market, budget, competitive advantage and benchmarking of customer experience. In the era of data analysis and digital media, Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the cornerstone of the sales process.

Customer Relationship Management: In a broader context CRM encompasses practices, strategies and technologies that a company uses to manage and analyze customer database throughout the business cycle.... Read More

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