Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Lots of people are not blessed with a good education, health, awareness and required financial strength as we are. For many such people, charity institutes play a crucial role in their life. With the help provided by these institutions, their very own survival is impossible. The charity institutions target that section of the society that is in a significant need and to whom general support cannot reach. Government institutes also support charities, but the significant contribution comes from the common public that supports them. By giving a small portion of your earning to charity might not... Read More

59 people were killed and hundreds more were injured in a mass shooting in Las Vegas and I’m sad to say that when I saw the news, I wasn’t shocked or surprised. It’s a sad state of affairs but these kinds of shootings have become so common that a lot of them aren’t even reported anymore. We only hear about the very worst ones and the rest go unnoticed. In less than 500 days, there have been 512 mass shootings in the USA, how many of them have you heard about? The chances are, not that many.


Every time there is a big news story about a mass shooting, the debate about gun... Read More

Author: Sayantan Hajra, Technology Head 1Channel- Sales Force Automation at Channelplay Limited

For decades, SFA implementations have had a higher failure rate than most other types of enterprise software. As per some leading industry research analysts, the failure rate is staggeringly high at 60%. Ironically, root cause of these failures is not related to hardware or software issue or anything related to the system performance. Rather, most SFA failures are result of a very human problem – low adoption rate. Some research paper says that average adoption rate of SFA implementations... Read More

When it comes to taking care of cars, auto repair services play a vital role. Most of the manufacturers provide free services and repair for the initial one-year however with increasing use of the car the amount of effort required for maintenance of the vehicle increases.

There are plenty of auto repair services available in the market however only a few among them provide the expected level of services. But before you get down to sort anyone, here are few more important things you must take into account

First, do not forget to check the registration and service license of the... Read More

Internal infrastructure is critically important to the success of large companies. An organization with excellent organizational software is likely going to be much more productive than one that uses outdated programs. This is where cloud ERP software comes into play. Cloud ERP systems are completely changing how companies are able to conduct business by unleashing previously unseen potential. Here’s how cloud ERP can benefit multi-regional companies.

What Is Cloud ERP Software?

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is a system that helps businesses organize data and integrate... Read More

Starting and operating a business is a large component of the American Dream, with more than 28 million businesses currently conducting business in the United States. However, many people don't have enough time to contribute to business endeavors, not wishing to leave their current occupations, spend extensive time away from family members, and deal with difficult decision making outside of their regular lives. One way of circumventing these very real possibilities is through creating a business that yields passive income, with little to no intervention from its owners.

One such way... Read More

If you see IT as critical to your business success rather than just an expense, we should talk. Along with being a tool to manage your business processes, IT should also support your business strategy and long-term goals. That’s why EXP launched our Business Solutions team in late 2016, which I was brought on to lead. We provide strategic counsel to help your business grow in a sustainable way.

The concept of a virtual CIO, or vCIO, is gaining prominence across the industry because it provides a variety of benefits. We can help you choose the best solutions for your needs by analyzing... Read More

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