Saturday, September 22, 2018

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Where do you draw the line between a simple side project and a potential startup? For many new entrepreneurs, it’s hard to tell the difference. But one of the main reasons that entrepreneurs start their own businesses is not to be their own boss, but to instead, do something that they love every day.

So how can you tell if your side project can become a successful startup company? Follow these 6 guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to starting a new business:

1. You’re doing something you love

Most side projects and hobbies are much enjoyed by the people doing them.... Read More

If you were to go back and do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Would you have planned better?

Would you have spent your money more wisely?

Would you have drunk more coffee?

Most entrepreneurs wish that they would have known more before they started their businesses. A few minor tweaks before launching a business can define a business’s success or determine its absolute failure.

New entrepreneurs, pay attention. Check out the 25 things entrepreneurs wish they would have known at age 25, before starting their businesses.

I wish I would... Read More

A long-lasting business relationship is imperative for any business to succeed. Repeat business must outpace customer turnover to sustain business growth. Clues to establishing successful long lasting business relationships can be seen in everyday relationships (think friendships, a spouse etc), but is unique and should be treated differently. A great business relationship often begins with a combination of attraction and communication. This form of attraction is the compelling reason someone should work with you. In sales 101, it is called your “Benefits Statement.” If benefits are equal,... Read More

Sounds a little bogus, doesn't it? It's pretty bizarre that the color of your office can actually affect the way that your business is run. But it's true: the color that you surround yourself with while you work greatly affects your mood. And as all entrepreneurs know, your mood can greatly affect the direction that your business goes in.

There is a reason that McDonald's arches are bright yellow. Yellow is the color for happiness, joy, and youth.

There is a reason that the inside of a Starbucks is painted deep green and maroon. Both colors ignite feelings of warmth, comfort... Read More

Something big is happening in Kansas City.

Two companies have collaborated in order to provide capital-raising opportunities with the benefits of vital entrepreneurial resources in order to improve the startup community in Kansas City and throughout the nation.

These two companies are Think Big Partners and the Angel Capital Group (ACG).

Together, the two companies are combining the importance of entrepreneurial funding with the vital services, resources, and help that entrepreneurs often need when starting up a new business. This is the first collaboration... Read More

Entrepreneurs have been known to work in crazy places, at crazy hours, in crazy ways. You may see them typing away at a Starbucks, easily downing over 6 cups of black coffee. You may see them crunching numbers at the airport while stuffing their daughter’s souvenir from Disney World into a suitcase. You may see them working in pajamas, on a park bench, in the car, upside-down, on the phone, in the basement. And no matter where these entrepreneurs are; they seem to always be working on something!

The most effective entrepreneurs, however, are the ones that sit down in a spot... Read More

Last night, as I was skimming through Joseph Sugarman’s book “The Adweek Copywriting Handbook” (sounds like a thriller, doesn’t it?), I came upon a section on page 56 called Assumed Constraints.

And believe it or not, this section of the book truly captivated me. This section proved that no matter how crazy, stupid, whacky, ridiculous, unheard of, or out-of-this-world your idea may be—it can be great.

Sugarman writes:

“Have you ever looked at a circus elephant anchored to the ground? If you have, you might notice that the elephant has a metal collar around its leg to... Read More

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