Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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If you have a business, you have a brand. Whether the target markets you want as customers know your brand and what it represents requires strategic thinking, target market research and a visual connection of what your business offers and what your target market feels they “must have.”

Surely you have heard, “you can’t be all things to all people.” Whether you want to provide all the products and services for the clients you wish to serve, most likely smart business decision makers are like smart shoppers. These folks want the very best but are willing to shop around to get the... Read More

Social media has a lot to offer your current clients and those on your radar as well. But selling social media takes more than having a Facebook and Twitter account while commenting on a blog or two.

On the other hand, in this economy as a buyer, there are many who want to be able to sell whatever is of interest and need. Specifically, there are an endless supply of marketing and advertising agencies available, as well as those who may be misrepresenting themselves by offering to develop and design such things as a professional website for $399.

This list of questions is meant... Read More

For many in the advertising and marketing world, the word ‘edutainment’ is nothing new. Focused on growing business for clients, agency executives use the word “edutainment” to mean educating in an entertaining and engaging way. But if you haven’t heard of “edutainment” before, the word can be traced as far back as 1948 by The Walt Disney Company to describe the True Life Adventure series. (Source:

Edutainment has been a strategy used as part of many a marketing plan. Today, it’s making a comeback through social media. Think about it. The very communication tools... Read More

Business Op-ed

Does Google wield such massive power over the search market that their practices are quite questionable? Personally, I feel that their actions towards a partner site - one that I own, indicate that they are.

This wasn't the first time that I have had a Google "experience", however this most recent time had a massive impact on people's lives, including their relationships, their jobs and their health. Yet despite the cost, like every challenge we have in life, there is always a gift. Google's gift to my company is that they made us stronger, better and able to contribute... Read More

A recent escapade involving the customer service section of a major U.S. firm, that I subscribe to, can only be described as the most exasperating experience I have recently gone through. Many of you will likely see yourselves here, and in retrospect, it is kind of funny what I went through. I'm relaying the conversations, and some of the aspects of the experience, to highlight what outsourcing U.S. jobs can do to our quality of life.

It all started when a service that I subscribe to went kaput. I didn't realize it at first, because I thought it was something that I did, or the equipment... Read More

It was almost three years ago to the day that I realized my then current employer was changing course. I analysed this course and determined that my role in the organization would be drastically reduced or eliminated in three to five years.

I wasn't happy with my career. I had oppressive management that thrived on choking the life out of creativity and ambition. One year ago the director of that organization in an all staff meeting came out and said, "Stop asking for promotions or lateral movement. We are all lucky to have a job."

Today I write this article, on a ride in my... Read More

Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur, what does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Means you’ve had it, your done, sick of ordinary, you must have more!

No bosses, no schedules, how quickly they set in.

It’s fine, we can, we like getting it done.

To much?, Not enough! That’s right, sometimes it’s all about us!

Step up, stand up, how about more responsibilities?

I know, means more, sometimes just comes forth.

Can’t do it? Move over, let me do it, that’s what risk is for.

Try out of the box, not in the box, you don’t think enough,

Isn’t that what... Read More

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