Saturday, January 20, 2018

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With all of the social media outlets out there—Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Digg—there is one tool that many entrepreneurs glance over: Skype. Skype is a free software that allows anybody to communicate from any part of the world with the click of a mouse. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not. And if you’re an entrepreneur with a tight budget and the need to communicate with vendors, clients, customers, or mentors, Skype may be the best way to do it. So what does Skype have that a simple phone can’t provide? A lot, actually.

Add-on Applications: Skype has... Read More

Think Big Partners and the Kansas City Business Journal have announced the formation of a media partnership to jointly produce Think Big Kansas City 2011, the Premier Conference for Entrepreneurs, Investors and Startups.

The inaugural Think Big Kansas City was held in March of 2010 before a sold-out crowd of more than 425 attendees. The event featured more than fifteen educational sessions on topics including venture capital, starting a business, marketing, PR, and legal and government affairs. Each session was delivered by an experienced entrepreneur or business insider, including... Read More

Although some experts think that the best business names are abstract and generate questions, others believe that a business’s name should be informative. While some think names should be coined terms (made-up words), others think that businesses should use real words for description and memory. So what’s the right answer and how should you name your new business?

What’s in a name? As you may already know, a lot. When it comes to small business success, the right business name can actually make or break your company. It is important to develop a name that conveys the expertise,... Read More

Entrepreneurs, are you committing yourself to a New Years Resolution in 2011? If you haven’t thought of a way to improve your business life, social life, family life, or startup life, then maybe this Top 10 New Years Resolution list for entrepreneurs will help you to see the light.

10. Survey your employees.

Sometimes, the biggest employee dissatisfactions are the easiest things to fix! Know what changes your employees would like to make in their work lives and do your best to increase their quality of work life. In the long run, this can increase your employees’ productivity... Read More

Traditionally, consumers like what they know and understand. The more a potential customer can relate to a product and service, the more likely they are going to see its value in their lives. With so many small businesses looking for a way to stand out among the competition, one idea is to maximize the history of your product or service.

If you are a second or third generation owner of a business and you are looking to rejuvenate your sales, consider sharing the details of how your company began.

For instance, Moravian cookies are not only loved but are well-known by the... Read More

Inc. has unveiled its top 7 business apps of 2010 and there are some real winners! Be sure to check out this list and see what entrepreneurs everywhere are using to organize their schedules, share pertinent documents, and of course, enhance their businesses.

1. Dropbox (iPad)

Many iPad users have downloaded Dropbox, but it can also be utilized through any laptop or computer. This app allows users to sync up their Dropbox files between desktop, mobile, and iPad and share links to documents. Free yourself from emailing documents forever! Download Dropbox—it’s completely free!

... Read More

The customer is always right…right? In today’s business world, this old axiom may not reign completely true. According to, this may be because today’s best customer service isn’t something that can be easily faked. Customer service and the handling of customer complaints need to be a more personalized experience within a startup company—just take a look at They use customer service as their number one greatest feature, and it really, really works! So let’s take a closer look at the craft of customer service so that you can improve your handling of customer complaints... Read More

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