Friday, May 25, 2018

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Ours is a world of cellphones, high-speed Internet, and fast computer-processing speeds. If you pick up the phone, you can order a pizza that arrives within 30 minutes or have flowers delivered before the end of the day.

Are we living in a supersonic age? The answer is “absolutely!”

For better or worse, we live in a time when you simply have to keep a quick pace— it can be tough, but that’s the world we live in. New technology and market demands have entered the workplace, and we’ve been programmed to take advantage of them. It can be a real strain, but you have to keep... Read More

Halloween is coming, with Christmas, Chanukah, and New Year’s to soon follow. The holiday season is approaching, giving people a reason to celebrate. And these celebrations usually include the giving of gifts.

Concerns about overconsumption aside, it’s a fact that most people enjoy buying things. Whether it’s books, fancy rims for their car, or designed handbags, most people have one or two luxury items they couldn’t resist buying. There’s nothing wrong with this, so long as you spend within your limits.

What really draws people to buy is seeing the products themselves,... Read More

There is a term often applied to entertainers and performers if they followed particular career path. These people might have been obscure, had a small but loyal fanbase, and scraped by just to eat and keep a roof over their heads, but they were eventually recognized as being talented and were paid big money to have their creative skills used in commercials, endorsements, and more. They finally had money in their pockets, but their fans were angry at their decision to become more commercial.

The term is “sellout.” Getting called that would make celebrities angry, and there was... Read More

In a fast-moving world full of great challenges and keen competitors, a company must develop a unique, customized service which addresses the specific business dynamics and needs of its clients. Analyzing the many issues involved requires a personalized management service characterized by efficiency and delivery of strategic goals. This is the mission held by Van de Venter Mojapelo (VVM Attorneys) for any years now.

Coupled to this prime objective is VVM’s vision of providing true business value in Credit Management, Business Process Outsourcing and Debt Collection founded on cost-effective... Read More

With Global markets soaring at levels comparable to those seen prior to the subprime crisis of 2008, many high street brokerages have aired on the side of caution in the second quarter of 2013, minimising risk exposure. However small-cap traders and analysts advised by CVS Group have today reported increased profits during the period.

In stark contrast to many brokerages, Tokyo based analyst CVS Group has today issued a statement detailing a greater than ever revenue generated in the second quarter of the year, created primarily by strong growth on small and mid-cap stocks, and emerging... Read More

Content marketing is a valuable way of boosting your business traffic. It’s a way of bringing customers to your website through publishing original content. The actual marketing side of things involves telling as many people about it as possible. The content is the product you’re trying to promote. Let’s take a look at how you can use content marketing to increase business traffic.

Where Should You Promote Your Content?

The key to content marketing is improving your traffic by exposing your content to as many people as possible. Here are a few places where you should consider... Read More

Surprise is Good

While walking to the subway, you’re handed a free sample of chocolate or toothpaste. The staff at your local bar give you a free pint on your birthday. Your partner, usually tight-lipped, surprises you with a gift you never expected.

The above scenarios can make even those who don’t like surprises happy. Other scenarios, like discovering a hard-to-find book or CD or a great deal on a quality piece of clothing can mean a feeling of ecstasy with one simple, unplanned discovery.

Funnily enough, product fulfillment clients like surprises, too. The simplest... Read More

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