Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Are you aware that zip lock bags were first test marketed in 1968? Today, these bags find use in a wide range of applications and have simplified packaging for manufacturers, suppliers and end-customers across various industries and markets. These bags are apt for packing and storing various products.

Industries using Zip lock bags These bags are widely used in the following industries (but are not limited to these):

Food packaging Textile, apparel and accessories Pharmaceuticals Mechanical industry Computer hardware Cosmetics Consumer products

We can safely say that most production... Read More

About Neil Abney and Associates

Neil Abney & Associates, Inc. leads the way as an innovator in Green Energy solutions with boilers run by alternative fuels. We have been producing boilers and continue to carry a wide range of boiler-room equipment.

Neil Abney & Associates, Inc. has pioneered the use Ethanol in line with its program for green energy applications for boilers and other equipment in Ethanol plants all over the globe.


·Scotch Marine Boilers

The Scotch Marine Boiler, a fire-tube boiler, allows hot flue gases to pass through tubes... Read More

Challenge coin is a type of coin which is given as a token of appreciation to people for their bravery. It is treated as a sign of respect. The soldiers in the army use to wear the challenge coins to represent their brave work, identity and actions. Now this trend is not only limited to Army or Military but is seen in other domains as well, like, corporate, sports, embassy, navy, etc. These coins are offered to people as a reward and it can be customized well with different types of themes, logos, etc.

Custom challenge coin requirements:

One can customize the challenge coin as... Read More

Recently, a hidden treasure was uncovered; yes, for salvaged car enthusiasts, it is no less than a treasure. More than 200 historic cars were recovered that were hidden from public view for over 61 years. The veil would now be opened for the Oklahoma public on the auction block. The collection belonged to one Oliver Jordan. From 1945 to 1953, he ran a salvage business in the Enid city. Owing to a zoning dispute that stretched over years, he had to wind up his trade. After that, Jordan left his collection untouched. Such salvage car auctions open a new world for old car lovers. In the case of... Read More

Generic Viagra – as indicated by the name – is a generic medication with impressive effects against ED. This medicine is highly effectual in making impotent men potent sexually. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or impotence is men’s sexual irregularity that keeps victims from attaining significant hardness of their phallus. This makes intercourse extremely difficult for the male and displeasing for the female. ED is not just a physical malady - it also has psychological effects and can be a danger to the relationship. Thus, the sooner ED is treated the better life can turn-out to be, especially on... Read More

National Small Business Week has come. While this event provides tribute to the successes of small business, it likewise reminds people of the essential role of small businesses in the economy. To maintain their key influence on commerce, small businesses must perform in ways that make clients feel welcome, served personally and secure. Whereas marketing and promotional programs can do the first two, can small businesses bear the burden of sufficiently protecting their customers’ information and reassure them that their personal data are secure?

Considering the growing occurrences and... Read More

BMW is renowned as one of the best luxury car makers specializing in sedans, coupes, SUVs and convertibles. Its popularity can be understood by the fact that used BMWs are perhaps as popular as the brand new ones. You may think the main reason for people buying used BMWs is that owning one has become a status symbol, but that is not so. This brand is popular for producing “built to last” vehicles and even high mileage models from the car maker carry a reputation of being very reliable. The used car dealers keep a wide range of BMWs to meet the high demand for them.

Range of BMWs available... Read More

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