Sunday, March 18, 2018

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The Zappos' billionaire put up $350 million of his own cash in 2010 into an initiative called the Downtown Project has large plans to reboot downtown Las Vegas.

Hsieh's outcome for the area to be an area for forward-thinking entrepreneurial minded, creative visionaries and a "corporate campus" for thousands of Zappos’ employees.

The project is more than about building the largest "corporate city" to date as Hsieh is working closely with city planners and key players to ensure a directional change that will add value to the entire community that will be done in what's called a... Read More

Skype is pals with the NSA and have been almost twins ever since Microsoft bought it.

According to this report from The Guardian Skype is a spy.:

Skype, the web-based communications company, reportedly set up a secret programme to make it easier for US surveillance agencies to access customers’ information.

The programme, called Project Chess and first revealed by the New York Times on Thursday, was said to have been established before Skype was bought by Microsoft in 2011. Microsoft’s links with US security are under intense scrutiny following the Guardian’s revelation... Read More

Hostess filed for bankruptcy reorganization after a fight with its unionized workers last year and is now back up and running under new owners and a leaner structure. The company plans to have Twinkies and some of their other snack cakes back on shelves by July 15.

Based on the nostalgiac outpouring when Twinkies vanished from stores, the company expects they will make a blockbuster return. The company says the cakes will be the same taste though the packaging will now have a new tagline, "The Sweetest Comeback In The History Of Ever."

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Read More

The recession of 2008 and 2009 caused many Americans to either lose their bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards. Other Americans have reconsidered the intelligence of paying for goods and services with money that they do not have.

According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, approximately 17 million US adults do not have a checking or savings account. Classified as the “unbanked” population, and making up approximatel 8% of all American households, the shift in payments from cash to digital transactions has caused many of them to seek alternative forms of payment... Read More

Brand awareness or recognition is the degree to which a brand is recognized by potential consumers. Brand recogniction is the degree to which customers associate a brand with a service or product that she is considering purchasing. Given the hyper-competitive nature of today's business environment brand recognition has never been more important to attain. The question though is how does a business harness the power of brand recognition.

The most effective marketers know that brand recognition is a critical component to the long term success of any organization. Furthermore they understand... Read More

Ari Mandel a 31 year old man with previous Orthodox Jewish beliefs, has been attempting to financially benefit by auctioneering his spot in heaven. He knows where he's going after this life, so Ari posted his "spot" on eBay and was able to receive a high bid of $100,000 prior to eBay pulling his auction.

Ari auctioned his spot this past Tuesday morning by promting it as “Portion in olam habaah (heaven in Jewish).” His auction received a heavenly response from many interested bidders. Bill Joel sings, "only the good die young" though no mention has been made of the average bidder... Read More

No question that running a small business is a challenging affair. If you're going into business the following infographic provides a pretty good idea of what areas of the business will provide you with enough anxiety to keep you up at night.

You can be certain that for most small businesses, it's going to be cash flow. Launching a new business, my advice is to make certain you understand cash flow. Many entrepreneurs focus on gross revenues though there are plenty of businesses with large gross revenues and negative cash flow. Cash flow is the "life blood" of any company and if... Read More

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