Tuesday, January 16, 2018

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They’re out there—and they may be watching you. It’s your competitors, and they’re just as hungry for customers as you are. But what tools should you use to find them? A simple Google search won’t cut it anymore. Here are 10 tips to use when researching your competitors:

1. Research Online

This seems like a no-brainer. But like we mentioned earlier, a simple Google search won’t quite cut it. It’s more beneficial to use all of the online resources that are available—not just Google. Use other search sites like SpyFu, Google Trends or Google Alerts. Even better—use all three.

... Read More

BlogCatalog the social network that connects bloggers and readers launched the BC IMHO Circle today a blogger to brand program is designed to further open channels of communication between bloggers and and brands.

According to Angie Alaniz of BlogCatalog, "IMHO is Internet slang for 'In my humble opinion' and is widely recognized on blogs, forums and message boards. Accordingly it works exceptionally well with the blogger demographic and represents what we are asking of our members."

"The IMHO : Circle of Writers Program is open to anyone who writes and is not just to BlogCatalog... Read More

“All failures in leadership are due to a lack of courage” - Keith Cunningham

Anytime someone says, ’trust me’ the hairs stand up on the back on my neck. I have never understood why someone would have to say ‘trust me’ because I believe its in our makeup as humans to trust others unless of course we are untrustworthy ourself.

Advertising doesn’t work because there is far too much noise and we are all expert consumers. We can smell a stupid ad before we have even seen or read it. The amazing thing is how much money Madison Avenue advertising firms are still making selling their... Read More

Since the company’s inception, they have received multiple awards and honors for their outstanding training materials, great customer service, and contributions to the community. Previous accomplishments include 2009 Best of Largo Award in the Educational Computer Software category by the U.S. Commerce Association, Small Business of the Year, and more. Most recently, CareerSaver was recognized by Merchant Circle for their client satisfaction and high approval rating.January marked the first award given to CareerSaver in 2011 from Merchant Circle. The company was announced as a Top Merchant... Read More

If consumers can drink coffee or eat pizza while they shop for books, then why not let them sip whiskey or java while they contemplate a rack of shirts? That, indeed, is much the premise behind's latest discovery of a shirt bar in Australia.

The store, showcasing a selection of designer shirts, which are oriented primarily towards men also offers an assortment of dark spirits and fresh espresso drinks for the pleasure of its visiting customers.

Some 17 whiskeys are on hand — 12 single-malts among them — as well as an array of other spirits, including rums,... Read More

I’m going to spend hours coming up with content. I don’t have the time or patience for a blog. Blogs won’t generate revenue. Blogging is for new, techy companies. Sound familiar? There are a million reasons as to why startups and established businesses shy away from entering the blogosphere. But in all honesty, the entrepreneurs, small business owners, and CEOs who tell themselves that blogs aren’t worth it couldn’t be more wrong.

Blogs allow for relevant, newsworthy and interesting content to be displayed on your site. Blogs increase the traffic to your website and help you to... Read More

You may have heard 'try-before-you buy' and offering household pets for rent. But has found a farm in Michigan churping with a unique Easter idea of its own.

The farm is now offering “Easter chicks” for two-week rentals, giving kids and families a short-term taste of what it's like to raise the real thing.

It's not uncommon to see chicks given as gifts around Easter, but the unfortunate result is that many end up in animal shelters once the holiday is over, according to a report on the Detroit Free Press.

In part as a solution to that problem, the farm... Read More

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