Thursday, April 19, 2018

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With Global markets soaring at levels comparable to those seen prior to the subprime crisis of 2008, many high street brokerages have aired on the side of caution in the second quarter of 2013, minimising risk exposure. However small-cap traders and analysts advised by CVS Group have today reported increased profits during the period.

In stark contrast to many brokerages, Tokyo based analyst CVS Group has today issued a statement detailing a greater than ever revenue generated in the second quarter of the year, created primarily by strong growth on small and mid-cap stocks, and emerging... Read More

Content marketing is a valuable way of boosting your business traffic. It’s a way of bringing customers to your website through publishing original content. The actual marketing side of things involves telling as many people about it as possible. The content is the product you’re trying to promote. Let’s take a look at how you can use content marketing to increase business traffic.

Where Should You Promote Your Content?

The key to content marketing is improving your traffic by exposing your content to as many people as possible. Here are a few places where you should consider... Read More

Surprise is Good

While walking to the subway, you’re handed a free sample of chocolate or toothpaste. The staff at your local bar give you a free pint on your birthday. Your partner, usually tight-lipped, surprises you with a gift you never expected.

The above scenarios can make even those who don’t like surprises happy. Other scenarios, like discovering a hard-to-find book or CD or a great deal on a quality piece of clothing can mean a feeling of ecstasy with one simple, unplanned discovery.

Funnily enough, product fulfillment clients like surprises, too. The simplest... Read More

Jul. 19, 2013 - CHIYODA-KU, Japan --The Lexington Group is cautious when recommending mirco-cap stocks, due to low liquidity and market capitalization, but Elephant Talk Communications Corp and its primary subsidiary Vaildsoft are fated for tremendous financial gains. They are a small corporation, with a market capitalization of about $100 million, who are trying to tackle a global problem worth an estimated $100 billion.

Dutch-based Elephant Talk Communications Corp and Vaildsoft provide a number of services to mobile networks. Vaildsoft is a security service, aimed at international... Read More

Mar. 14, 2013 - PUDONG, China -- China based, Allied Minerals acquired the Shandong property back in 2012 following its identification and risk assessment approval by Executive Director Mr Henry Huan BSc, MSc. Preliminary tests and Initial ore samples immediately indicated the presence of gold veins, and production was underway late last 2012. However, during the first quarter of 2013 Allied Minerals extended the Shandong exploration area resulting in the discovery of underground intersecting veins. While these veins may marginally increase the cash cost of each ounce of ore extracted, the... Read More

New to You

In business, you need clients. And when those clients come in, pay for your wares, and exit happily, you feel a well-earned sense of achievement. However, there’s a lot of baggage that comes with having clients in the business world.

One is holding on to them. You need to keep them interested in what you do so that they come back for more. Often, it’s just a matter of continuing to offer quality services.

But then there’s the matter of if they leave and you require new clients to keep turning a profit. Or, if you are starting a company fresh, you need... Read More

Objects of Desire

When it comes to inanimate objects, humans have always had a love-hate relationship with them. On one hand, they know that their “things” and “stuff” cannot hug, console, or advise them for all of life’s issues. On the other hand, though, there are those objects of desire that people do love in their life, whether it’s an old typewriter that they loved typing on at home or that espresso machine that produces that lovely, strong coffee they enjoy. Objects lack human characteristics, but they do provide people some pleasure.

In the marketplace of product... Read More

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