Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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The first circle, the first friend and the first +1, wandering into Google Plus for the first time, you ask yourself, “okay, now what?” You walk around, sneaking into caves, making your way through the foliage, and slowly but surely you get used to this previously unfamiliar land. And how long does it all take? Fifteen minutes, tops.

Now you need people, so you begin to seek them out: old friends, new friends, business acquaintances, existing customers, people you’ve met on other social networks, people who are strangers to you. Slowly, you will find lots of people turning up. It was... Read More

The Business of Child Abuse

Dr. Cecilla Jefferson, the founder and executive director of Fred Jefferson Memorial Home for Boys, received almost a 58% pay raise from the years 2009 to 2010.

The inordinate pay raise took place despite large operating losses, huge tax liabilities and negative net assets. The most recent county audit suggests the agency may not have a way to pay back their debts.

The executive directors salary increased from $126,000 to $199,215 in 2010. An increase of over 58%. Cecilia Jefferson’s salary in 2011, is listed as $180,284.

Yet, during... Read More


You may think that blogging needs to be some big, time-consuming process that keeps you up at night wondering how you’ll ever compete…but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Like any new skill; learning to write and promote your content efficiently is a simple matter of understanding the big-picture of what you’re trying to accomplish, and then learning the tools & tactics used by the people already having success with it. Blogging is not necessarily easy, but it certainly can be relatively simple.

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The combination of video and smartphone signals is enabling retail stores to track your movements within their stores and identify whether you are a returning customer. Ever increasingly retailers at taking video and WifI signals, identifying you and then going as far as determining what sections of their stores you frequent.

However that's not all. They are going as far as analyzing your movement within their stores, such as the direction you turned after viewing a particular item or section The New York Times reports that Nordstrom's, for example, has tested a tracking system that... Read More

Have you ever noticed that the advertisements on websites have been getting increasingly personalized? Much of this is due to retargeting, a new way of focusing ads on a potential customer. Retargeting occurs when a customer has viewed a product on a company’s or individuals website, and that company or individual then advertises the same product on other sites that the customer visits.

For example, let’s say you were shopping for a jacket online, and clicked on a black leather jacket on If has invested in retargeting, then when you leave the site and... Read More


A child was asked who made him. The answer was: “God made me this long (the child spreads his hands and measures the length of a baby) – and I grew the rest of me.” The little child left God out of his growth and this shows a deep conviction: We are what we make of ourselves.

If you hope to become a successful entrepreneur, if you want to build something useful, and make money in the process, then here’s the good news for you:

Most new businesses fail…

The few successful entrepreneurs are written... Read More

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