Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Don’t compete, cooperate. It’s a new business strategy that is sweeping the entrepreneurial and startup world. Instead of focusing on beating out the competition, entrepreneurs have begun to work with their competitors, rather than against them. But why? And how can you do it effectively?

What is coopetition?

Coopetition is a neologism coined to describe cooperative competition. Coopetition happens when companies work together for parts of their business where they do not believe they have competitive advantage and where they believe they can share common costs. Entrepreneurs,... Read More

So you love the coworking environment. But are you a good fit for a coworking space? Within a collaborative office space, every worker has to get along in order to create a productive ambience. So what can you do to become a better coworker? Read the five tips below and you’ll easily become one of the most-liked guys in the office…maybe.

1. Respect the space

Coworking is all about sharing a space. Therefore, the space that you are working in belongs to everybody in it. It’s important to treat a coworking space with respect. Because when you respect the space, others will... Read More

Looking for a quick and easy way to enhance your pitch to investors? Look no further than these 10 tips. Then, be sure to check out our guideline to creating the perfect pitch. You’ll be starting up a business in no time!

1. Introduce everyone in the room: Make sure that you are familiar with each investor’s bio, especially if it is easily-accessible on the web. Ask the investors and the people sitting in on the pitch to introduce themselves. It helps to establish who is the most important to make eye contact with and what style of pitch to focus on.

2. Don’t act like a... Read More

It’s a difficult question to ask yourself every morning: What should I wear to work? And while some professionals dig through their closets, tossing article after article of clothing behind them, others simply throw on a dirty pair of sweatpants and shove off to work. But are you dressing appropriately for your business, or are a victim of What Not to Wear? With these 5 tips, you will be able to determine how your small business should present itself in terms of clothing—some of the tips may surprise you!

1. Set the Standard

Jeans or slacks? Business casual or business professional?... Read More

In an age where business is driven by social media, entrepreneurs can work anywhere. And we mean anywhere.

From the home office to the business incubator, from the local coffee shop to a park bench; you can find entrepreneurs working anywhere and everywhere. But would you believe us if we told you that, yes indeed, these entrepreneurs are being productive?

A change in an entrepreneur’s working environment can actually amp up productivity—new surroundings steer clear from the notion of the “same old, boring workday.”

But entrepreneurs aren’t just working in local Starbucks... Read More

Where do you draw the line between a simple side project and a potential startup? For many new entrepreneurs, it’s hard to tell the difference. But one of the main reasons that entrepreneurs start their own businesses is not to be their own boss, but to instead, do something that they love every day.

So how can you tell if your side project can become a successful startup company? Follow these 6 guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to starting a new business:

1. You’re doing something you love

Most side projects and hobbies are much enjoyed by the people doing them.... Read More

If you were to go back and do it all over again, what would you do differently?

Would you have planned better?

Would you have spent your money more wisely?

Would you have drunk more coffee?

Most entrepreneurs wish that they would have known more before they started their businesses. A few minor tweaks before launching a business can define a business’s success or determine its absolute failure.

New entrepreneurs, pay attention. Check out the 25 things entrepreneurs wish they would have known at age 25, before starting their businesses.

I wish I would... Read More

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