Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Technology, Versalis (Eni) has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Neville Venture for the production of hydrocarbon resins at the Versalis Priolo plant and entered into a licence agreement related to the feedstock which will feed the resin facilities.

These new, high added-value productions, synergetic in particular with the elastomer business, will be used in specialty applications such as adhesives, inks, coatings and rubber.

Neville Venture is a joint venture between US based companies Neville Chemical Co., a synthetic resins manufacturer, and GTC, an engineering... Read More


Have you had much success with guest posting? Those of you that have actually tried posting on sites that “qualify” and are worthy of your attention, should know that it’s not an easy task getting your content on there.

Some of the top sites have pretty strict guidelines and that’s understandable. You can’t just send out mails saying “I would like to do a guest post on your blog.” Most of the time, you can expect such emails to end up in the junk folder.

People with quality blogs/sites, who accept guest posts, have the potential to get you some fine links.

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Each of us are exposed to hundreds of media messages every single day, and hundreds of subtle messages of daily interactions. All of them are intended to persuade us to influence our attitudes and behaviors, although we don’t always label them as such.

We ignore some of these messages and others get through successfully. We persuade a friend to watch a movie or a co-worker to leave work a few minutes early.

We use persuasion to have things our way and this is what your target audience needs – communication that is persuasive in nature – persuasion that prompts them to buy.

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By the time you read this introduction, you will have made up your mind whether to read on or not. But what was your decision making process? What are the criteria that you used? Do you follow your head or your heart? Is it an impulsive decision or a cold calculation? What might you lose by not reading on?

Now you’re wondering what’s wrong with me. I may have my own idiosyncrasies, but surely not this.

I’m talking about the latest scientific research about having all those decision making options. Research... Read More

Via: LoanMart

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The first circle, the first friend and the first +1, wandering into Google Plus for the first time, you ask yourself, “okay, now what?” You walk around, sneaking into caves, making your way through the foliage, and slowly but surely you get used to this previously unfamiliar land. And how long does it all take? Fifteen minutes, tops.

Now you need people, so you begin to seek them out: old friends, new friends, business acquaintances, existing customers, people you’ve met on other social networks, people who are strangers to you. Slowly, you will find lots of people turning up. It was... Read More

The Business of Child Abuse

Dr. Cecilla Jefferson, the founder and executive director of Fred Jefferson Memorial Home for Boys, received almost a 58% pay raise from the years 2009 to 2010.

The inordinate pay raise took place despite large operating losses, huge tax liabilities and negative net assets. The most recent county audit suggests the agency may not have a way to pay back their debts.

The executive directors salary increased from $126,000 to $199,215 in 2010. An increase of over 58%. Cecilia Jefferson’s salary in 2011, is listed as $180,284.

Yet, during... Read More

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