Thursday, August 17, 2017

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July 12, 2013 - CHIYODA-KU, Japan -- According to Mr Itsuki Nakamura, CEO at the Tokyo based Equity researcher, these new partnerships will commence in late 2013. Mr Nakamura further stated that the candidate selections represent some of the firms most senior and valued members of staff, and those who are suited to a boardroom environment. All of those candidates selected have demonstrated leadership skills that will contribute to the firm´s long standing tradition of excellence.

The partnership selection process began in the July of 2011, and candidates have been assessed on multiple... Read More

Raine & Humble is one of Australia's most famous home decor and home furnishing brands. The brand's spokesperson announced that the brand's unique products and designs will be showcased in Autumn Fair International in Birmingham, United Kingdom. He also added that showcasing in Autumn Fair International helps the brand reach out to new markets and customers, while also flaunting the brand's exclusive lineup of home decor and home furnishing products.

About Raine & Humble

With more than a decade of expertise in the home furnishings industry, Raine & Humble is a designer... Read More

CHUO-KU, Japan -- According to Mr. Nathan Bradley, Head of Investment Analysis at Harver Group the Yen has declined against 13/16 major currencies following the announcement of a greater than expected trade deficit in April, leaving the currency at its 3 year low; however Mr. Bradley insists this is an opportunity to be capitalized upon rather than a cue for international investors to minimize exposure to Japan financial instruments, and further states that Harver Group will therefore be making significant investments in the Japanese markets.

Joseph Anderson Jnr, Head of Principle Investments... Read More


The best-laid schemes of mice and men go often awry.” – Robert Burns, 1785

An entrepreneur starts a business with specific plans after spending hours on end perfecting it, but ultimately diverts the attention to something else. A student resolves to spend time studying for a few hours every evening, only to end up watching the sports channel. A woman who is on a low-budget, decides to buy a small gift for someone, but ends up buying an atrociously expensive one only to regret it later. So what’s happening to these people?

When... Read More

They say that the greatest compliment to an author, or an artist is when his work, his craft, and his commercial persona [the very essence of his caricature and artistic being] has been plagiarized.

This single moment in time, is said to be, the first sign of his [author's] greatness. It is suppose to signify to the author that as a writer, a comedian, a radio talk show host or an artist of any marketable reputation, that he has finally reached a major pinnacle in his profession. I 'm not at all together certain if that's true; It feels to me rather distasteful, almost like I've been... Read More

Hendren Group, the international global investment company based in Tokyo, Japan,have made a series of advisory notes to their investors today in regards to the shortfall in the forecasts that Sony Corp analysts’ estimated that were necessary for them to attempt to regain the market share already lost to Samsung Electronics Co.

Sony has recently struggled to retain consumers having used job cuts, asset sales, the weaker yen and its’ Entertainment Division powerful position to return to the black after a fourth year of losses by the company. While Samsung’s products led by Smartphone’s... Read More

Authority: the One Crucial Element of Internet Marketing

It’s a noun with the power to influence thought, opinion and behavior. It can be misused. But it can also build trust and respect.

When it comes to online marketing, it’s the crucial element that Google and other search engines give importance to. It’s the element that draws visitors to your site.

What are we talking about?


Everything in our lives revolves around authority. People trust you when they know you’re an authority in your field.

According to research, brain scans show that the... Read More

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