Monday, May 29, 2017

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Operating a business comes with many challenges and none of them harder than handling difficult employees. The difficult ones are often also those who bring a lot to the table. They're hard to manage because they're also skillful. Sometimes, though, they happen to be a wrong match for the business culture.

It's a hard trade-off:

Trade the morale of the workforce in place of performance? Trade the performance in place of the job satisfaction

Sometimes these individuals are worth more than their experience and expertise.

They are the type which cost capital in the long... Read More

Whether small or big businesses, family-owned enterprises get the larger part of the global corporations. This only indicates that these companies are successful, which could give lessons to other businesses as well. These businesses outperform the others, making them the best examples of start-ups in Edmonton. Here are the lessons every entrepreneur should learn from them:

Frugality in Good and Bad Times

Family businesses have the culture of considering the company's money that belongs to the family, giving them the ability to better control their own expenses. They do not own... Read More

Bitcoin. It’s a word you’ve heard, but you may not entirely be familiar with. Don’t feel bad! It’s just not here in our state, or used in your field - as far as you know. Well, that’s where you’d actually be wrong. The beauty of this cryptocurrency is literally that it’s digital, which means it can obviously be used anywhere in the world. This, of course, makes it an asset in the world of business, too.

"bitcoin" (CC BY 2.0) by Sean MacEntee

What Is Bitcoin?

So, for those who don’t know exactly what the whole situation with this modern yet mysterious digital currency is,... Read More

If you do not have adequate knowledge about social media marketing, hire a quality social media marketing company to assist you. Social media companies can also help you with their expertise. In case you already have a social media company hired, you can follow the procedure below to craft an effective social media marketing strategy:

Identify your business goals:

First, identify what you want to achieve with your social media marketing campaign. Every piece of your social media strategy will serve the goals that you set. Look closely at your businesses’ overall goals to make a decision.... Read More

One of the smartest moves you can make as a new ecommerce entrepreneur is to learn from the mistakes of those who have gone before you. Most fledgling online business owners tend to make the same mistakes, so to save you from experiencing their pain all over again, here are six common ecommerce miscues and how to avoid them.

1) Overcomplicating the site

Simple is always better. Make your home page as lean as possible, while ensuring it is capable of accomplishing what you need it to do. Group services under specific headings so they can be accessed by dropdown menus, rather... Read More

The question and answer round is often considered to be the most interesting on game shows. Think about the importance of the same and you will soon realize the fact that it is an opportunity to get a piece of other person's mind. Look at it as a leader, and you will realize that it is an opportunity for you to understand your employees, make them understand the company culture and grow your business ultimately.

If you have never thought about it in the past, start with the following questions and get going.

1. What are your personal goals?

When an employee works for your... Read More

Everyone knows how e-commerce made many local retailers close down their business and how the others had a toll with the internet shopping. Shopping malls still continue to do an excellent business. However, if consumers aren't satisfied with the limited brands, they go online to get all the available choices.

Every brand must have e-commerce if they don't want to face a decline and want to have a secure place in the marketplace. Even the world of e-commerce is continuously evolving day by day, and there is cut throat competition among the e-commerce brands and sites. There are certain... Read More

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