Friday, March 23, 2018

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The pool of global ‘travelling students ‘is predicted to double to eight million by 2025, with Britain set to attract more than the US, according to the British Council. These students need to live somewhere – and can pay. In June 2013, the UCAS figures confirm that the number of applications increased by 3.1% over the previous year. The biggest percentage increases in student applications came from Malaysia with a 25% increase while non-EU applications increased by 6% on average. The universities are using the student accommodation as part of the overall marketing plan in attracting international... Read More

Owners of historic homes appreciate more than most homeowners that exterior painting is a job best left to professionals. Lofty peaks, gingerbread trim, eye brow window and all the other architectural nuances that grace historic homes make for challenging paint jobs.

Adding to the challenge are a couple of other facets. First, choosing paint colors that are historically accurate or at least historically probable is essential for those owners looking to keep their homes as true to their original period as possible. Second, because of the home’s age it becomes crucially important to protect... Read More

It is a good new if there is a date for you, but let’s face it, how to dress up for it should be an annoying thing for most of the women, so am I. if you recall, be clear what fit you well and what doesn’t would be the key point to dress perfect and in proper way, as it is widely known that the outfit send a powerful message to the outside and most of people know you first depend on your appearance.

It is truth when come up with the date; it always associates with the dress! As it is the safe pattern to mix with just about any occasions. However I deem that a pair of stylish heels worn... Read More

Besides having an amazing opportunity to study abroad in France, one of Europe’s best countries for history, art, and food, you can also have a worthwhile experience decorating your student housing in France. There is nothing like making your dwelling into your own sanctuary which can be brought out by using some crafty wall décor ideas that include personal touches, favourite colours, and art objects, among others, all of which can be bought or created on a budget.

Student rooms in France do not have to be ordinary, even if they may be small or seem to lack in other areas. The best... Read More

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In 2011-2014, the growth rate of smart home in China has maintained over 30% for four years successfully, in which, in 2014, the market scale hit CNY 28.61 billion, up 39.36% over 2013.

At present, the independently-developed smart home system in China is becoming mature gradually with the strong competitiveness with overseas smart home system and products. In technical field, the gap between domestic and foreign smart home is... Read More

So you want to design your office in a commercial yet inviting manner. Perhaps, you are just starting a new office or wish to refurbish an existing one. No matter the reason, you need to take in to account a number of aspects to come up with the right commercial design for office to ensure the best office setting. Remember, every detail plays a part in creating a conducive atmosphere within an office - this atmosphere will influence how your workers work and just how your clients and visitors look upon your organization based on how they feel and sense about your office. This is why it is very... Read More

Since ages, bricks have been used for construction. In fact, they are the oldest structures that have been used for construction. Earlier, sun baked bricks were quite common. Excavation of different ancient civilizations have helped to retrieve such bricks from there. However, in recent times, people have moved away from the old tradition of using earthen bricks. In fact, it is now all set to make complete use of technology for construction. And the creation of bricks also fall under it. The latest in the trend has been the 3D printed construction materials, including the bricks, which are... Read More

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