Saturday, January 19, 2019

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As a person ponders a commitment to buying or selling a home, he or she will likely want to learn a little bit about activity in the local market. The postings in this blog are intended to assist the prospective buyer or seller by providing such information.

While the data reported in these blogs are not intended to predict future market activity, there are a number of factors related to the listing and sale of homes which can be used to discern patterns of past activity which might be informative.

The factors which we monitor and the related measures used are described below.

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In summary, 33 homes were listed for sale in North Stonington by local Realtors as of January 3rd. This is 9 fewer than the 42 that had been actively listed on December 1st. Of these 33 properties, 29 were also actively listed as of December 1st, and 19 had also been actively listed three months ago on October 1st. There were 5 homes under deposit on January 3rd. There were 7 closings and 2 new listings added to the CTMLS listings in December for North Stonington.

The average size for the 33 homes actively listed on January 3rd is a little over 1875 square feet with the range going... Read More

Buying your first home is such an exciting step. But whether you are looking for a city-centre flat or a cottage in a village, you need to think about the cost of the actual buying process when you’re doing your sums.

On top of finding the cash to cover the sale price of the property – usually by saving a deposit and borrowing the rest from a mortgage lender – you will need to pay a solicitor or conveyancer and there are additional costs that might surprise you.

If you’re buying a house or flat worth more than £125,000, you will also have to pay for stamp duty – a tax which can... Read More

The world of architecture evolves consistently to generate and modify trends that are aligned with the changing demands of customers. This provides enough room to experimentation and subsequent innovation.

New ideas for improved convenience and luxury have enabled architecture scale new heights. This has provided a plethora of choices for customers, thus making it easier for customers to make the most of the options they are provided.

Let's take a look at some of the architectural trends of 2017 that you need to look out for.

Open Plan Spaces

Connectivity and accessibility... Read More

One of the best ways to change the style of your home is to have a door that makes a difference. When you walk into a house, you don’t usually notice the door. It is a part of the home that is accepted, but is rarely given a second thought to. However, a door can have a very large impact on how a room or the interior of a house looks. Today, we are more likely to buy homes than to build them ourselves. Because of this, the doors in the houses are already installed, and no one really looks at them when making a buying decision.

A good door on the inside of your home is a vital part of... Read More

You have to decide your budget, what you can afford each month in EMIs, and another vital point, the interest type you choose. Banks offer the choice of fixed, floating, or a hybrid rate.

Fixed Rate of Interest

On a fixed interest loan, the rate is fixed at the time of loan sanction and it stays fixed for at least a few years.

The advantage here is that you would know how much you have to pay each month in EMIs. The rate does not fluctuate frequently based on market movements. However, if interest rates fall, you will not get the benefit.

You can use the Home Loan... Read More

Property is one of the most popular forms of investment for a reason. It's consistently shown itself to be one of the most effective investments out there and, if handled correctly, can be a source of some serious revenue. The problem is that this makes a lot of prospective investors assume that make a profit from property is easy. That they will be able to sit back and watch the money roll in from a succession of reliable tenants without having to lift a finger. Now, this would be very nice, but sadly it's just not the way things work in the... Read More

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