Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Everyone wants a home of their own. Once you have decided that you want to buy a home, the question then arises – should you go for an apartment or an independent home? While arguments could be made for each type of dwelling, research has shown that more and more people are opting to look for detached and semi detached houses as opposed to condominiums or apartments.

While the difference between an apartment and an independent house may be quite clear, the difference between a detached and semi detached dwelling may not be quite so obvious. Therefore, the first thing to do here is to... Read More

That’s all on top of trying to locate your homeowner’s documents which, over the years, somehow got filed in about 15 different places. We know selling a home is just as much a whirlwind as buying one, so we’re helping you keep track of your to-do list so that you don’t have to.

Here are some important considerations when selling your home:

1. Put Your Documents in Order

That includes the deed to the house and the mortgage, as well as copies of utility bills, permits, and tax bills. You will not only want to have everything ready for the sale but additionally, having everything... Read More

By jcal

The streets of prime central London are currently filled with more construction vehicles than the iconic black cabs and red buses you expect to see amongst the bustling traffic. With the affluent neighbourhood of Mayfair standing its ground as a number one global destination and a popular area for property investment, new property developments are set to make this its most exciting decade yet.

With demand for property increasing, new housing is more crucial than ever, and Mayfair must rise to this need, to retain their top standing. The neighbourhood has had a restricted number of residential... Read More

Making your own dream home is simply unbelievable way to express the true love for one’s home. It has never been so easy to build own home unless you read this article. Today, you will get to know some unique steps to build your dream home consuming less timing. All of us eager to have a perfect dream home, for that purpose we struggle and do better efforts. You will learn important steps to make a perfect home.

Make a new home

Do you know that 80% of people saves money by constructing their own homes with own hands? Yes, it is true. Now we will define the steps on how to build... Read More

The use of 3D architecture when it comes to the design stages of a construction project has become the norm rather than the exception. The tremendous advantages it has over two-dimensional rendering ensures that more and more real estate companies have started turning to 3D property rendering.

There are various 3D tools that are available in the market and quite a few of them can be used in the field of architecture. However, two of the foremost 3D technologies that are most useful in real estate are Virtual Reality or VR and Augmented Reality or AR. To understand how these can be used,... Read More

Costa Rica is more than a country; it is an experience. There is a diverse and beautiful landscape awaiting visitors, consisting of everything from lush jungles to pristine rivers, majestic volcanoes to quiet beaches. The list of adventurous activities is endless, including zip line tours and nature trails, white-water rafting and kayaking. All this has contributed to Costa Rica’s image as a major vacation destination. However, the country has gained another reputation in recent times – that of a major real estate market, especially in the gated Arenal community. There are many alternatives... Read More

As a person ponders a commitment to buying or selling a home, he or she will likely want to learn a little bit about activity in the local market. The postings in this blog are intended to assist the prospective buyer or seller by providing such information.

While the data reported in these blogs are not intended to predict future market activity, there are a number of factors related to the listing and sale of homes which can be used to discern patterns of past activity which might be informative.

The factors which we monitor and the related measures used are described below.

... Read More

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