Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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One of the reasons so many people panic when they see their children growing up so fast because they are not prepared to meet the expenses of their higher education. We spend so much time and serious effort in nurturing our children, imbibing good values in them and train them to the best of our capabilities because we want them to succeed, more importantly we want them to be happy.

Good education prepares a child on various fronts. Very importantly it makes him/her eligible to take up a desired employment. Getting a good employment early in your career is a great boost, firstly it keeps... Read More

However, being a car owner means you have got some important choices to make. It is tantalizing to ask from your agent about the least expensive policy. Of course, you have lots of other expenses as well to cover after all you are a car owner now. When you absolutely and exactly get that what each and every part of your auto policy covers, you can easily decide that cheaper is not essentially better. Imagine it: If your very first and your dream car was badly damaged in an accident, or you get seriously injured or injured someone, a few dollars of insurance coverage every month can be then... Read More

These are times when living on credit has become a norm. This was a strange concept in a country when loans were taken only for big purchases—like a home loan or a car loan. Consumer electronic items were purchased on EMIs if possible. These were the limits of credit utilisation in a culture that frowned upon getting into debts.

Now, credit card facilities, easy availability of loans, and a slowly changing mindset towards loans has resulted in banks and NBFCs coming up with numerous credit facilities. The Line of Credit is one such product.

Line of Credit

Line of credit... Read More

When the renewal date of your car insurance is near you start getting calls of insurance agents from every nook and corner. At times it gets really frustrating and also makes you confused from where to take the insurance policy. Recently, it happened with me also as I got my car insurance renewed this month. It is mind boggling when there are so many insurance companies and you are being approached for your car insurance from everywhere. On what merits should one evaluate a car policy is the theme of this article.

The major factor people pay emphasis on while buying car insurance is... Read More

Revenue recognition and lease accounting standards have had a big impact on financial institutions. But new standards on reporting expected credit losses may be even more significant for banks.

“This is much more related to a bank’s core business,” said Reza Van Roosmalen, a KPMG LLP managing director. “It’s the biggest accounting change I think that banks have been subject to in a long time.”

FASB’s expected credit loss standard, which was issued in June, changes the reporting requirements from an incurred-loss to an expected-loss approach and addresses concerns about financial... Read More

Visiting historic places and fantastic travel destinations is a fond desire for many people. However, the lack of funds is a big hindrance in the pursuit of this desire. Not everyone bitten by the travel bug can afford to catch the next flight and book rooms in 5-star hotels. But there’s no need to give up on your travel dreams. Travel finance and travel package deals can help the budget traveler plan their holidays and visit the places they have always wanted to see.

What is travel finance?

Many banks and other finance companies offer loans to customers for the exclusive purpose... Read More

Bad credit can be a result of many different factors. Some people believe that bad credit is always and only the result of missing repayments on loans, credit cards and other debt, but this isn’t always true. Sometimes, your credit rating can drop simply due to the amount of money that you have borrowed, regardless of whether or not you’re staying up to date with repayments. If you have applied for a financial product recently only to be told that you don’t have good enough credit, here are some of the best things to do in order to improve it.

Your Credit Rating

Before you start to... Read More

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