Sunday, December 17, 2017

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By Monday, June 5 2017, gold prices hit a 6-week high. Analysts have indicated that the rise was prompted by discouraging US jobs data released the previous Friday which dimmed chances of an aggressive increase in interest rates in the world’s largest economy. The labor market in the US began showing slowed momentum after a slow job growth in May. Notably, employment gains in March and April had failed to live up to expectations.

On Monday, spot gold price stood on a steady $1,280.10 per ounce after gaining 1.1% on Friday. The price peaked at $1,282 per ounce, which was... Read More

Whether you are running a travel agency or retail store, generating qualified leads for your business is the order of the day. But today, with ample of options, choices and research readily available, getting the potential customers to take action is quite challenging than it is being said.

The main objective of the sales funnel hasn’t changed yet: you will always get potential leads at the top than at the bottom of the funnel. But, how you engage with those leads at every stage of the funnel has changed dramatically. For this, you need to focus on the strategy to not only entice more... Read More

Over recent years, more and more of us have started to shop online. You can buy pretty much anything you need online these days, which is one of the reasons why this has become such a popular form of shopping. For those that lead busy lifestyles, online shopping provides total ease and convenience. It also offers a huge range of additional benefits, which have helped to seal its success.

The many benefits of online shopping

With so many benefits to offer, it is little wonder that online shopping has become such a huge hit. Whether you are looking to buy everyday household... Read More

There are few companies that take their word seriously when it comes to putting a good copy on their website as well as training their staff with the same wisdom. Interstate Removalist is a packaging and moving service provider that I came across recently, and it was worth writing down a few lines highlighting their workflow. They are skilled in a lot of basic stuff that ensures the convenience to the customer throughout the moving period, and they make it so simple that you would simply choose it every time over others.

There are some basic facilities that others must provide too. For... Read More

When we take a look at electronic media, and the world behind it, there comes massive sources linked with each other that are required to make any business successful or even to make them globalize around the world. In the current era, there is not a single business that does not have its root in social media or search engine optimization.

What is infographic & how does it work?

In the world of technology, the use of digital arts and designing is called infographic. This word is a concoction of two different words - Info & Graphics. Info is the use of data (content) that... Read More

Keeping tap with the overwhelming range of new technologies, marketing of apps also going beyond the common cliches. Instead of focusing on numbers, high-quality acquisition with higher lifetime value is becoming focus areas. While the basic and ground principles of app marketing are still the same, over and above them, some new marketing techniques are driving traction now.

1. Study customer behavior

Any app marketing must begin with a mission to know its target audience deeper. When you know your target audience with their motivation factors, preferences and dislikes, you know... Read More

Trade and commerce is hugely dependent on a good customer base. The main objective of any trader is to ensure that his/her products reach the targeted audience. Launching a new product or a variety of products need to be marketed properly in order to boost the sales and eventually earn a good profit. With the Internet pervading almost every aspect of our lives, digital platforms are being utilized for marketing purposes. But as the Internet is an infinite field, the excessive number of competitors coupled with rising cases of information hacking and fake websites makes the task of marketing... Read More

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