Monday, December 11, 2017

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As technology progresses, more and more activities are being automated, and trading is no exception. An automated trading system is a computer program that handles your trades for you. It works by operating under a set of rules and protocols that the trader inputs from the beginning. The system then follows those rules in order to react to changes in the market, as well as buy and sell instruments. This means that the trades are being performed by a computer or, in some cases, a server.

On the other hand, a manual trading system is one wherein all the trades are performed by a human... Read More

Sometimes people get confused which strategy to use when it comes to trade. Some hang up between the choice between buying one for them and selecting freebies. But free strategies doesn't generate much return for how much you have paid for it. As, they are not tested well, but these strategies are well tested, and successful traders also wish to use them.

Daily Fibonacci Pivot Trade

Pivot trades includes daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and yearly pivot trades with extensions and retracements combined. Fibonacci Pivot Trade is more suitable for the daily pivot trade chart, but it can... Read More

Any business owner trying to maintain good relationships with customers knows the role a quality website plays in this. Business owners will benefit greatly from an informative and professional website that is easy to navigate and helps educate customers on both the brand and the product or service. When potential clients or customers are seeking information about you or about the type of service your offer, your website guides them. The sky is the limit when it comes to the value of quality information on a website and the return it brings. If you don’t already have one, set up a website as... Read More

For a sales manager, it is always a head cracking responsibility to search for the better team and train them. To create a sales-force, sales managers should prepare the resources well. So, training is the continuous process where you tell the salesman, show them how to do it, allowing them to do it and monitor the activities they are performing.

What is the significance of experienced training?

If the veterans learn the things by experience, they do it by train and error method which can be time-consuming while learning. But, if the programmed training is provided then the time will... Read More

For some time I had been thinking of changing my vehicle which I had had for more than seven years. It was an Estillo from the Maruti Suzuki stable and had rendered me decent service. We do not dare to travel out of Bhopal on account of the reported road conditions. It, therefore, ran all through within the confines of the city. It was good and economical but was small – only of 3 cylinders and was of under 1000 cc. We wanted a slightly bigger vehicle wherein we could sit with greater comfort on the rear seats, now that both of us seldom drive.

So we got cracking looking for a suitable... Read More

Roller banners stands are the best, most efficient and sufficiently economical way of portable display solution. These are also known as roll up banner stands or pull up banners. The roller banner stands are suitable for training centers, conference rooms, promotions, marketing, seminars, photographers, shop advertising and much more.

As the demand of these roller banner stands is increasing very fast, a large variety of these display stands is easily available in the market and online as well. You only need to pull each image up within 10 seconds and get a significant impact. The customers... Read More

Regardless of the type of marketing strategy you choose, telling stories through marketing can help a marketers capture the imagination and minds of their potential consumers? Traditional marketing works with traditional mediums such as radio, TV, and print media while content marketing relies on mediums such as social media, blogs, videos, and other online marketing strategies.

The intention of content management is the same as traditional marketing strategies, while traditional marketing is more aggressive in nature, content marketing is more subtle, but it achieves more leads and... Read More

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