Saturday, October 21, 2017

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Ecommerce businesses are on the rise, and more entrepreneurs are seeking a piece of the pie. And with ecommerce sales expected to reach around $2 trillion globally in 2016, there’s plenty to go around. The explosion of ecommerce has brought with it ample opportunities and challenges. For those determined for success, there’s silver lining in every study and survey. These five ecommerce statistics will help you run a better business and plan for a more fruitful future.

Shopping Cart Abandonment Is A Real Issue

According to a Baynard study, 68% of online shopping carts are abandoned.... Read More

Sometimes in business you have to think big in order to taste success. There are almost 8,000 companies in the US with more than 2,500 employees and businesses that operate on this scale will all need to have a grand plan in place just to stay still, let alone grow further.

But how do these companies ‘think big’ and still maintain an ability to deliver on their grand ambitions?

What is ‘large scale’?

First of all, what is ‘large scale’? This will mean different things to different people and it’s all relative to the business in question. If you’re thinking of launching... Read More

While anchor texts play a vital role when it comes to improving your site’s overall ranking in search engines, overdoing it could spoil its online reputation. In the recent times, anchor over-optimisation has been the trending topic on the internet marketing platform. As it were, this is a situation whereby one inserts too many backlinks containing targeted anchor texts thereby making them valueless. This is when you stuff your site with a huge number of targeted links with no results coming through.

At, we focus... Read More

We might have though why some insurance agents are successful while other flunk in their lives and careers. This is all about your habits and traditionally it was believed that 21 days are enough to develop and improve your habits but the recent studies claim it takes three times more than the previous believed time. Developing a habit and making it effective or really productive is cumbersome as says insurance marketing expert. If you are determined and want to see yourself as a successful and the most accomplished insurance agent, you got to develop these habits in your personality. Your... Read More

Advertising by using display materials is important for marketers. It is one of the best ways to promote their products. Companies used big and weighty stands to display their materials in the past. It took them a lot of effort to bring the stands to a venue. Besides that, setting up the stands took so much time.

What these companies need is a portable display stand. This new way of displaying business products does not weigh a lot. Because it is lightweight, it is easy to carry around. It is portable, easy to put up, sturdy, and cost efficient.

Advantages of a portable display... Read More

If you're one of those US citizens who looked up for choices of US Forex Brokers but realized there are limited options compared to the availability for International traders. US Forex Brokers are subjected to stringent restrictions and have to be regulated with CFTC or NFA which ensures the protection of US traders. Regulated brokers of NFA have a leverage limit of 50:1 and also conform their reporting requirements along with record-keeping.

Although there are many restrictions and regulations, a handful of Forex Brokers regulated by NFA is available in the USA, and they offer... Read More

Getting a credit repair service might be a bonus for your company but its not an easy decision. Credit repair services costs you around hundred dollars and will typically take an year for the service. However, if you choose a wrong company for the credit repair, you will end up losing the money and also your time. But, choosing a right credit repair service will be the best thing you can do for setting up your finance.

Your credit score makes a huge difference between having a new car, job, or house or none. Also, an improvement in credit score helps you refinancing the current... Read More

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