Monday, June 25, 2018

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A jet card is much like a debit card that allows you to prepay for private flying at a fixed hourly rate with ensured availability. Of course, cost is the proverbial body of the private jet membership, but the terms and flexibility offered are its soul.

More importantly, the cost is contingent upon the frequency of your flying. It is crucial to remember that every jet subscription program varies in several ways from the plane’s size to its availability as well as applicable travel policy on minors and bringing your pets. Moreover, pilot accreditations, peak time surcharges, jet sourcing... Read More

The majority of people associate funding a startup with taking out a bank loan, but this is by no means the only option, and many businesses are now using alternatives to finance their operations. Many of these methods are actually more effective than taking out a rigid bank loan, and offer entrepreneurs the flexibility they need to grow their business. Here are some of the options.

Angel Investment

Seeking out a wealthy individual who may invest in your business is known as seeking angel investment, and it comes with a number of advantages. The investors are usually successful... Read More

At a time when the real estate market in India is experiencing vast changes in terms of policy, controls and regulations and a number of laws are being passed to bring out some order in this highly unorganized market, the Indian real estate market is being seen by foreign investors as a great opportunity for them to invest. The Chinese real estate developers and investors have shown a great inclination to invest in India, buy lands, develop properties and play ball in the real estate market which is all set to become much more controllable following the laws like RERA. Chinese investors, till... Read More

Investments are a good way to earn high returns on your money. When it comes to investments, there are many options in the market. You can either go for a high-risk investment or a low risk one. Generally, there are two common investment options which people in India opt for: fixed deposit investment and real estate investment. Let’s take a look at which one is the right option for you.

Fixed deposit investment:

Generally, people prefer investing in FD as it involves lower risk and assured returns. Fixed deposit investments offer you a fixed interest rate throughout the tenure... Read More

CoinDesk issued a new release this week that had a detailed review of the recent sentiments, statistics and trends related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

While the whole issue is interesting and is worth a study, there are two slides that deserve a special mention. For individuals who have been following cryptocurrencies and their performances over the years, these slides bring in a lot of positive outlook. Surely they point towards a crucial change in the market dynamics.

Almost 94% of participants in the survey had a positive outlook about the future of Ethereum,... Read More

When anything gets hot, the chances of its scam and fraud become very high. Same is the case with Bitcoin currency; bitcoin scam is around from the popularity of the currency. Bitcoin is a digital currency, and the value of this currency is not backed by central bank or government. In fact, its value is determined by the software, and it is understood by few people.

So, the chances of Bitcoin scam are very high because only a few people know the way of working of bitcoin. Individuals who want to speculate in Bitcoin, think that the value will only grow high, but this is not done always.... Read More

It’s quite challenging to get an idea about the introducing broker but once you know it’s simple and you would love it. The introducing brokers are not the once who should be treated inferior because they give you the real understanding about the market. Have you ever thought how important they are? Did you not know that they play an important role in the finance market? They have the ultimate capacity to improve the trading business as well as you. The ib brokersare successful in cooperating clients around the world and they are skilled in attracting clients to trading.

By introducing... Read More

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