Saturday, March 24, 2018

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As a homeowner, refinancing your already existing mortgage loan could be one of your options. Before deciding on it, you must make sure that you are fully aware of the payment terms of your loan. You must also be able to gauge whether you can actually pay all your financial obligations in your mortgage loan. Basically, when you refinance your home loan, you are adjusting the payment terms of your mortgage. You may opt to pay your remaining loan for a longer time by adjusting the monthly payment by less than the original. You may likewise opt to pay your remaining loan for a shorter time by... Read More

Disposable income is on the rise in the UK, as British households have more to spend on non-essential purchases and investments. While this is positive and largely unexpected news, however, it means little unless responsible adults are able to use this capital wisely and reduce their borrowing accordingly. So not only should you look to reduce your everyday living expenses, however, but also protect your investments by procuring adequate and relevant insurance coverage. Without this, you run the considerable risk of losing your hard-earned money or undermining the positive impact on any previous... Read More

The holiday season is coming and it is time to start planning for a holiday. Considering the current economic scenario, many people are thinking of ways in which they can prevent themselves from burning a hole in their pocket. You can use the savings for investment and other purposes. Well, with some easy tips, you can save some money on your holiday vacation this year.

·Have a Flexible Schedule

A flexible schedule can help you in saving some bucks on your flight tickets. Along with hotel expenses, flight tickets are one of the major sources of expenditure on a trip. Making some... Read More

Selling a piece of jewelry is tough if you are going to sell it for the first time. When it is the matter of selling your precious jewelry items especially of gold, it could be further challenging since you have paid a lot of bucks to purchase that jewelry in the past. Reasons could be many for which one decides to sell gold jewelry, but s/he would never ever want to bear a loss in selling the jewelry piece. Here are some useful information that will help you decide when and how to sell your precious jewelry efficiently.

Reasons of selling jewelry

Fashion or trend is what every... Read More

While the U.S. economy is hardly on solid footing, the fact remains that as the world’s biggest and most influential economy, the U.S. doesn’t have to be running optimally to keep the global economy chugging along. Though, it would be nice if the U.S. economy would gain sustainable traction. Until then, we will have to be content with it’s glacial pace of recovery.

And it is slow. In 2012, gross domestic product (GDP) growth was 2.8% and in 2013, it slowed to just 1.9%. Things are expected to get better over the next two years. U.S. GDP growth is forecast to hit 2.8% in 2014... Read More

Around the globe, people are investing in this form of currency because of the promise of it providing wealth in the upcoming years. When you research this form of currency as a method of investment, there are some things that you need to know.

1. The value of the dinar is low 2. There is going to be a revaluation 3. Iraq holds the second largest oil reserve

All of these are reasons why it’s important to invest in the Iraqi currency now. People from the United States, Europe, and elsewhere are already investing in this currency because they see the value of what’s to come in the... Read More

After seven years practicing corporate finance and securities law for many natural resource issuers, Richard Coglon enjoyed enormous success with the creation, operation, and eventual sale of Velvet Explorations. But was that all she wrote for this lawyer-turned-venture-capitalist?

Richard Coglon explains, “During the operation of Velvet Explorations (1995 – 2000), I continued practicing law as a way to further my learning about the business side of the oil and gas sector. I also helped transition Transglobe Energy from a failed mining company (formerly Dust Mac Mines) to the respected... Read More

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