Sunday, November 18, 2018

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Management schools these days are constantly strive to make students proficient in communication skills. BIBS, a renowned B school of the eastern India recently conducted Phoenix, a unique initiative to sharpen the communication skills of the students. BIBS has been an institute that has been committed in offering finest education along with grooming sessions regularly to its students, to make them ready to face the industry.

How it All Begun: Crossing the Hurdles

It was not an easy task to accomplish. But the students fared well.“Phoenix” comprised of three levels and the first... Read More

We were to travel by train to Nagpur, a town 350 kilometres away, to take the Indigo flight from there for Kolkata. But the train got cancelled because of the unprecedented rains and floods in Tamil Nadu, especially Chennai where all the rakes were held up. With no other available alternative we had to hire a taxi to travel by road.

Half the journey was pretty miserable, travelling as we were on an apology of a highway. In two decades, one each of Digvijay Singh and Shivraj Singh Chauhan, this trunk route between South and the North of the country that passes through the state of Madhya... Read More

It is not a secret that an effective business development strategy matters a lot when it comes to success and profitability of a company. It does not really matter what kind of business you are running, because your number one goal is obviously client attraction. How else can you promote your company and make it popular among your customers?

Ways to Promote Your Business

With the active way of life people are leading nowadays, many of us face the necessity to move to other places of residence – be it a neighbourhood area, another city, country or any other location a person plans... Read More

Larsen & Toubro (L&T) has been working overseas for quite some time now. The Indian-based firm is now expanding its services increasingly. Water is a new domain for them to explore and to do so, Qatar is awarding them several contracts, including some in water, wastewater and sewerage construction. This is an opportunity that could really benefit L&T, and if the construction in Qatar is successful, will they become India’s water specialist of tomorrow?

Within the past two years, the global company has been expanding its business in the Middle East, for construction, engineering... Read More

It is not a secret that the number of supermarket chains keeps growing all over the world nowadays. This especially concerns European supermarkets, the competition among which has become more severe during the previous years. As a result, most companies have to use different methods not only to retain devoted customers, but also to encourage new ones to use their services and purchase their products. In most cases, this is the only way for supermarket chains to withstand the tough competition observed in this business nowadays. Let us have a closer look at several things that can help supermarkets... Read More

The elements found in clay act as a natural relief to inflammation, wounds etc. as well as act as a very important part of cosmetic treatments.

Ancient Mesopotamians used to use clay as a medicine and since then, different varieties of clay including kaolin or white clay, attapulgite and fuller’s earth etc. are utilized for a variety of reasons.

Whether we look at spa treatments or home remedies, clay has had a very significant role in a variety of treatments including ulcers, radiation treatment, skin conditions etc.

Let’s look at two variants of clay that can be used... Read More

Excessive spending is one habit that many people find it difficult to control. Like gambling, smoking or drinking, you could also be addicted to spending.

In fact, excessive spending is more prevalent than the other three cases. This is because one has to spend to buy or get his/her favorite things. For example if a woman is addicted to handbags or footwear, she will have to spend to get them. Similarly, when a man is addicted to luxurious living, it still calls for heavy spending. There are numerous other things that call for excessive spending.

So what do you do? What are the... Read More

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