Tuesday, September 18, 2018

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Try this on. The Boeing Company company gets over $20 million from the U.S. Government for the construction of a 28 mile "virtual fence" along the Mexican border in Arizona. About two months after Homeland Security Secretary, Michael Chertoff announces his "acceptance" of the fence, the Government announced it is scrapping the project. Why?.....Well, it doesn't work.

From the Huffington Post, "Although the fence continues to operate, it hasn't come close to meeting the Border Patrol's goals, said Kelly Good, deputy director of the Secure Border Initiative program office in Washington."... Read More

Fortune magazine has come out with its latest list of the top 500 companies and for some reason or another, BrooWaha was not on the list. Perhaps the editors at Fortune have not yet managed to comprehend the social impact of such a varied news organization as BrooWaHa. Our crack team of investigative reporters stands ready and willing to mash the keys of their computers churning out exposés that rival the fair and balanced news reporting of such established news media as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The San Francisco... Read More

Senator and Republican candidate for president John McCain spoke to an audience at Carnegie Mellon University where he called on Congress to temporarily suspend the 18.4 cent and 24.4 cent per gallon federal fuel taxes on gasoline and diesel, respectively, as a means of easing the burden on American motorists who find themselves proverbially raped at the pump. The problem is, the temporary suspension won’t help one iota.

Time for a little refresher course in mathematics. Don’t worry, you need only read. The actual cypherin’ will be done for you courtesy of the Jethro Bodine School of... Read More

What about that subtitle bothers me? Can anyone guess what it might be? Go ahead and stop reading here for a moment and thing about the subtitle. I’ll wait here patiently while you consider my question.

Oh, you’re back. Finished? Good. Did you come up with an answer? If you did, keep reading and see if you are right. If you didn’t keep reading anyway for some enlightenment.

First of all, about three or four years ago, Wal-Mart stopped selling handguns all together. Currently they only sell weapons referred to as “long arms” – rifles and shotguns to be exact. Second of all, which... Read More

In one week's time, my new 5% increased rent was due, my dog had emergency surgery and I was pulled over and issued a ticket for not coming to a complete stop. Add this to continuously rising gas prices and now all my thoughts are on how quickly things add up and finances shift. I found myself wondering if small cost increases can add up against me how could I create something where small increases are helping me?

In the land of skepticism sometime timing is the difference in seeing an opportunity for what it is worth instead of making excuses why not to try it. So when my friend sent... Read More

How many of us remember the great stock market crash? I don’t mean the 1929 crash, I’m talking about the Black Monday crash in October 1987. To this day no one has offered an accepted assertion as to why the stock market crashed that day or why the market has been so volatile over the last 12-14 months.

Because humans are capable of hubris. No other creature on the face of this earth has the capacity for hubris. Humans rationalize everything. We rationalize why we take something from work (“I’m only borrowing it.”). We rationalize why we don’t give back the extra money when a cashier... Read More

In a recent article I wrote about the metal content of US pennies and nickels being worth more than their printed face value (Flotsam and Jetsam). I intended for the article to provide a lead-in for myriad articles on inflation and other economic issues facing America. A recent movement by the US Mint trumped those ambitions and thus, this article. Recently the US Mint enacted a rule making it illegal for you to melt down your coins for their metal value. I can't figure out why the Mint would draft this legislation as there already exists legislation forbidding this practice. The law is... Read More

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