Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Like everyone else, you probably also would like to make more money which is totally alright. We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch and that building wealth requires a lot of perseverance and diligent work.

You might have already taken a look at some stock market systems or subscribed to highly-reputed tip sheets and realized they just dont cut it. There are many scammers out there, whether online or offline who will give worthless advice to individual investors. This is merely one of many reasons I do not give advice just my own personal insight founded on statistical... Read More

At the very core, this U.S. government shutdown means that about one million federal employees will be told to go home without pay. Non-essential services will be stopped until further notice. This will be mainly due to a lack of funds. (Source: Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, September 24, 2013.) National parks will be closed; museums will be shut along with many other services.

What government services will be available? Social security and the Medicare payments will be sent out to those who already rely on it. For those who are applying for it during the U.S. government... Read More

The Haney Group feel that growth in experience from developing countries that leverage private investment with relatively small amounts of public financing have the key to successful investment.

The Haney Group a boutique equity research and management firm based in Hong Kong founded by a diverse private wealth consortium of financial professionals, with a combined knowledge of the stock markets, tax legislation, legal compliance and market analysis. Priding themselves in giving the very best service to their institutional investors, high net worth individuals and private investors today... Read More

While the media and politicians tell us we’re in an economic recovery…I keep writing about the slowdown we’re heading towards. How can I say that?

First, take out the stock buyback programs, and you’ll see that U.S. companies are seeing their earnings and revenues grow this year at their slowest pace since 2009. (More on that in today’s “Michael’s Personal Notes” column below.)

From a boring (but extremely important) economic point of view:

When a country experiences economic growth, industrial production of electricity and gas utilities pick up as factories and... Read More

In these pages, I have written extensively on how central banks will ultimately be the ones who drive gold bullion prices much higher. The phenomena of these banks getting back into gold (after they were net sellers for years) started in mid-2009.

The chart below clearly shows the rise in gold bullion reserves held by central banks across the global economy; its trend is quite impressive, even for a gold bug like me.

Central banks’ gold reserves have increased about 6.4% since the first quarter of 2008 to the first quarter of 2013. (Source: World Gold Council, last accessed... Read More

Eni signs an agreement with the city of L’Aquila for the restoration of the Basilica of Santa Maria Collemaggio and the redevelopment of the Parco del Sole. With the signing of this agreement, Eni is committing to allocating the economic resources necessary for the realisation of the project, expected to amount to approximately € 14 million, as well as providing the technical and project management expertise necessary to complete the restoration and redevelopment.

Today signifies the conclusion of the celebrations connected with Celestine’s Pardon in L’Aquila. The occasion has been marked... Read More

I’m sure most of you have noticed that in the last decade, water consumption has tripled with prices about a hundred times more tap water. Some of us buy it just because we like it, others because they think it taste better then you have those who believe it’s just healthier. But is it worth $33.50 per bottle?

I’m not referring to a 10 or 16 oz. bottle either.

The Japanese drinking water “Hawaiian Deep Seawater”, has become so profitable that the Hawaiian government is now allowing bottlers to use a state-certified logo for their deep seawater for a supposed fee. Hawaii Deep... Read More

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