Friday, December 15, 2017

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Isle of Man is set to become a haven for cryptocurrency ventures beginning this year, according to its head of operations for digital development and e-business.

eBusiness Chief Brian Donegan shared in an online report that the Isle of Man government is presently working to amend The Proceeds of Crime Act of 2008 for the inclusion of regulations pertaining to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

He said the government is proactive in establishing a legal structure for the use of digital currencies as it sees it necessary for the success of the emerging industry built on this technology.

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Clocking in machines make for just one way in which employers can manage their employee’s working hours. The humble mechanics of these machines date back hundreds of years and despite an advancement from purely mechanical to completely computerised, there isn’t all that many differences between the clocking in machines of today, as compared to the clocking machines of old.

Such longevity as a piece of essential work place equipment can be put down to various defining factors, and here we take a look at just 5 of the reasons why it seems that these machines have proven to be pretty indispensable.

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On September 10, 2014, the Swiss businessman Jürg Stäubli inaugurated the first Swiss bank in the history of Kyrgyzstan. This venture finds its origins in a tender made by the Kyrgyz government for the privatization of a state-owned bank called Kyrgyzdyikanbank. It was Jürg Stäubli’s company, Petram Finance that won the tender to create what would become the Kyrgyz-Swiss Bank. Things will fall into place quickly and the arrival of a new player in the local banking sector, especially Swiss-owned, seemed to be very welcomed by Kyrgyz senior officials.

Shamil Imanaliev, who chairs the board... Read More

The Ghanaian government is studying the possibility of entering a joint venture project with PetroSaudi, a Saudi Arabian company active in the Oil and Gas industry. The plan, said Patrick Mahony of PetroSaudi, is to improve the overall efficiency and output of Tema Oil Refinery (TOR).

The deal, once completed, would fine-tune the operations of TOR in a comprehensive manner, from processes to management.

In response to a question from a Ghana MP enquiring about whether TO is functioning at its full capacity, Mr. Jinapor replied that company is not currently at maximum capacity... Read More

It is a demonstrated fact that videos are five times more productive in reaching new customers than traditional content alone. It seems that more people will make a decision regarding purchasing after seeing a video.

This is why if you have a business and you want to make it or keep it successful you have to keep up with the character of the modern customer. And the modern customer is powerful. This means he cannot be convinced easily, and you must use everything that you have available in order to gain the customers’ trust.

The easiest way to touch people’s heart is with testimonial... Read More

For beginners, trade balance is a macroeconomic measure of imports and exports between two countries. When country A’s imports are more than its exports to country B, then country A is said to be under ‘trade deficit’ with respect to country B.

Now let’s understand the current position of trade balance between the US/West and China. As the above graph shows, the trade balance has been in favour of China with the trade deficit of US reaching $318.7 billion in 2013 which is slightly up from last year's $315 billion[1]. Also to be noted is the fact that the deficit has been increasing over... Read More

Financial planners often help people how to manage investment or to save for retirement; but rarely do they provide a more comprehensive answer to the question: What do I really want to do with my money? Which could be asking ultimately: What should I do with my money? Taking in consideration all that a person is and what he or she wants in life, the “financial life planner” (a relatively new breed of financial planners) can help find the answers.

This new financial specialty helps people explore personal values and take a life-centered approach to financial planning by allocating resources... Read More

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