Friday, October 19, 2018

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Albinism is also called achromia, achromasia or achromatosis. This is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to deficiency of an enzyme involved in the production of melanin. Indeed, albinism results from inheritance of recissive gene alleles.

Here in Africa, and particularly in Tanzania and in Burundi, this defect is often associated with bad luck and the latter has connotations with malediction or witchcraft. However, some Africans believe that the body of albinos contains some mysteries. For this reason, African... Read More

My father’s mind was a tidy place. As was his sock drawer; and his car; and his desktop, where the implements of his trade were meticulously laid each evening in anticipation of the next day’s feast. There would be memos to write, letters to open, correspondence to read. A file for everything and everything in its file. Organize, deputize, supervise – my father’s mantra.

He was enormously successful: successful as an attorney, and as an industrialist, and as a husband and a father and a brother and a friend. He employed hundreds of people in America and in Europe; and gave generously... Read More

Having a look throughout the Great Lakes Region of Africa, GLR, ie Burundi, the Congo and Rwanda, we find that women are not well represented in the professional area, government and leadership positions except in Rwanda. Rwanda is the first country in the world that employs more women than men in the public sector. Precisely in the government they represent 52%, except in the army. In this field, they are also more represented compared to Burundi and the Congo. In these two countries, women are extremely less representative within the armed forces; they always lag behind their counterpart... Read More

Gender is a cultural issue that fuels many household contentions. In some countries, men have been taught that women are weak and an inferior creature deprivable of some of her rights. It should be possible to explain clearly the concept of gender and equality. Gender is used to put a clear difference between masculine and feminine. Gender should not bring confusion with the word sex because sex is used to distinguish between male and female. Sex is something considered in the biological context whereas gender is a social construct. Biological characteristics are often transmitted and even... Read More

For a given period, the Catholic Church has been accused of protecting some priests who are raping children. Today the issue has caused lots of ink and spit worldwide. Indeed, this is an alarming problem that any responsible parent cannot like to hear. Children are the future generation ; if they are living in a world in which their rights are not respected, which kind of generation will they be in the future ?

Since 2002, this issue of sex with children brought lots of discussions and tensions in the whole world and very recently, the same question appeared in Germany and in the United... Read More

This March 8, the world is celebrating the International Day for Women. We may wonder, why only women? The reasons are very numerous. For ages, women and girls have always been victims of human rights violence, discrimination and abuse in their own homes and in the society in general. This is often supported by some cultural values that give the big share to males.

In some homes for instance, women and girls do not enjoy their rights fully. They are considered servants and they are not given any special attention. Some African cultures, for instance still consider females second class... Read More

The DR Congo has got various kinds of media. How much do they cover programs or write on gender violence in society? Will they sort out what is hidden by others?

Generally, media coverage on gender violence in the DR Congo reflects myths and misinformation; especially about household violence and homicide though some media try to talk about it vaguely.

Oftentimes the situations are presented as isolated cases, just like exceptional events rather than parts of a trend resulting from a system of gender domination. The language used and the details reveal often the hidden brutality... Read More

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