Friday, December 14, 2018

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Ryan is a typical three and a half year old boy. He runs around the house dragging a well chewed teddy bear behind him. He fights with, and screams at his sister, who is 15 months his senior. He jumps up and dances around when Yo Gabba Gabba comes on the TV.

Ryan also doesn't talk. His recognisable vocabulary comprises of 'Dada, Mama, Papa and Joojoo'. That is almost one word for each of his years. We know he understands as many words as the average boy his age. He listens, comprehends and does what is asked of him. We see and feel his frustration at not being able to communicate because... Read More

We all were lucky to have grown up with a saint. Maude Beckner Donovan (Mama as we called her) and her husband, Charles E. Donovan (Grandpa Charley, who died before I was born), were my Mother's adoptive parents. They adopted little Virginia when she was barely two weeks old. She was the seventh child born to John and Rachel Peters, of Red Alley, Knoxville, Tennessee. Mother used to joke and say she had nowhere else to go but up from that address. (I later learned Rachel sang from the time she got up, until it was time for bed. And that John played the fiddle and banjo ... I’m part of their... Read More

Many years ago, I sat in my high school cafeteria, talking with friends. For some reason, the subject of mothers came up. My mother was immediately mentioned as the sweetest mom ever. Even girls I barely ever hung around loved my mom. She was just one of those people that made every kid feel special. She was the mom everyone wished they had. She was the mom I always wanted to be.

My friends and classmates loved my parents, even though my parents were never the "cool" parents. They didn't let me have wild, out of control parties. They had a very strict curfew for me. They didn't let me... Read More

This is one man's story.

I took this project on partly out of curiosity and partly to leave a monument to my family and the kin to come. I did not know how it was going to go. I started off the same way any of you would. or and; I used them all. The next thing you know I have some basic crappy information of family members I already knew and a sizeable dent in my debit account. My faith in the project’s success had been momentarily derailed.

I started to wonder if searching public records could yield a more promising result. The... Read More

Summer time is the best time for hunting! Hunting insects that is... according to the children 10 years old and under, who hang around my house all summer.

The thick freshly cut green grass is a tempting draw to the mighty bug hunters. They can't wait to finish breakfast so they can race outside and find all the hidden treasures living in the sweet smelling blades. It's worth the risk of scraped knees to crawl around and find the things that jump high and far, and others that are long and fuzzy and tickle your hand when you hold them. And who can resist the challenge of escaping a sting... Read More

Children on streets are becoming too numerous in Africa. This is due to several factors like lack of social and political interest to protect them as the future for the national development. But despite this, I still believe that we are not waiting to revive Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal to the Irish government in the wake of increased street children on Irish streets, to consent to the plight in our countries. In fact, in the minds of Swift, since there were many street children whom the city and perhaps government authorities had failed to contain or rid off the streets, the said children... Read More

A couple of Yogi Berra's teammates on the Yankees ball club swear that one night the stocky catcher was horrified to see a baby toppling off the roof of a cottage across the way from him. Yogi dashed over and made a miraculous catch - but then force of habit proved too much for him. He straightened up and neatly threw the baby to second base.

Baby caught and just fine. Babies are resilient. Since my good friends Jim and Morgan Olson had waited to have children, in honor of his paternal ancestors, Jr, known as Ken Olson, was not getting any circumcision. Circumcision has gotta hurt. Circumcision... Read More

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