Monday, July 16, 2018

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Dear TAI (Talk About It),

I am a single mom with two boys. My oldest is 13-years-old. His disrespect for me is and has continued to grow for more than a year. I know and remember all the emotions and changes that took place in my teenage years. If a boy made fun of me or said something to me that hurt my feelings, this 30 seconds or so could ruin my entire day. But things are really getting out of hand. He basically lives on his computer playing this Wizard 101 game.

If I try to talk with him or remind him of his chores while he is on his computer his response is almost always,... Read More

By ddmw

A biography represents not just the opportunity to regale the world with details of the latest fashion dilemmas faced by Jordan or Paris Hilton, or sordid affair embarked upon by Wayne Rooney, but also the chance for each of us to preserve something very special and quite unique.

Not for a minute am I suggesting that each of us should seek to gain fame and recognition by publishing the most intimate exploits of our lives, or attempt to make a fast buck by cashing-in on the current voyeuristic obsession with following the most mundane aspects of a person's life. No, the... Read More

People around the world do not live in vacuum. They are bound by some norms and when they need to contact others, they do it in different ways. People can use spoken language or other forms of communication. Since the different societies of the world have set up some norms that help them live in their respective communities, those customs are still believed to depend on people’s beliefs and they depict the level of education and obedience of the people.

In this vein, people have to learn how to behave towards others, young toward old and vice versa; men toward women and each category... Read More

Talk About It,

Look, I'm at my wits end. What am I supposed to do? My 13-year-old has until Monday to turn in a two-page paper on bone diseases. He told me he was finished and I was so excited and was praising him. But then when I reviewed it, I noticed from doing a basic search that he lifted all of the copy from his online resource. I explained that plagiarism is wrong and it's stealing. I told him that some schools place students who plagiarise in detention or even suspend them. I told him how bright he was and that he could do anything he wanted. He told me that he was still going... Read More

African dogs are known for being good hunters and not rescuers. But this dog’s story seems to convey some meanings to Africans who never value domestic animals except in case they can be sold to get money or slaughtered for their skin, meat and bones.

This Kenyan dog was searching for food for her new born puppies when he discovered a hidden human baby in the forest. This baby girl was two weeks old but abandoned to the forest’s sake. It has been proved than the majority of babies who are born and abandoned are girls. So, the dog discovered the baby girl in a forest south of the capital... Read More

The REAL Abused Foster Children of Watts and Compton!

The Business of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

Article first published as The Real Abused Foster Children of Watts and Compton on Technorati.

Abused children; they are all shapes, ages, races, and colors. Abused children arrive into foster care tortured, screamed at, beaten, shaken, slapped, whipped, ignored, neglected, raped, burned, sexually molested, driven crazy, and a million other things terrible to imagine and witness.

Adults perpetrate these horrible crimes towards children. And the rub, after these... Read More

So, once again, off to work out I go. I live in a small town in North Carolina. Since I am going to provide some specifics to paint my lovely picture of life as best I can, let it be said:

I live in High Point, NC.

I live on the north side of High Point. This may not matter to anyone but me. But should one other person be aware of this area, the north side means I have my own Wal-Mart and am closer to the Palladium Theatre and the old Chick Fil A is currently being remodeled and there is a RUSH workout center right across the street from my...(yes, my) Wal-Mart.

This leads... Read More

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