Monday, July 16, 2018

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Last night, I interviewed a drug tormented person, who had lived for years on the streets. Wasting a life where miracles happen. Talented person yet this person has this hidden agenda where a spoon and a drug bag is not far away.

Our government has helped with drug houses, with many hours even years of therapy through which the drugs were left behind. Within a slight offering, the needle would come out as the interview progressed, this drug of nuisance for some and for the government had been feeding many a person to keep the illegal crime happening to support a business where the... Read More

The two most important things we as parents give our children are roots and wings. Producing healthy roots comes first. It's essential that we establish a solid foundation for our children to grow in, learn in, develop in and even discover who they are. Not only do we provide our children's physical needs but their emotional needs as well. All of these things - clothing, food, love, understanding, respect and security, will ready them for their wings. As in a plant, a solid root system provides two functions. The roots enable the plant to receive the nutrients it needs to grow... Read More

One was read a few of my poems in a public setting, something I have had little practice in. The other thing I got to do, which I have had loads of practice, is irritate my wife Ann. I can't remember if I told her we were going out for dinner or if it was a wine tasting but wasn't she surprised. Our youngest children wanted me to read the poems to them before we left for the night. I obliged. I should know better. I wonder where they get it from?

Dad: "I was six years old. Very... James you asked me to do this. Why are you playing Tomb Runner while I'm reading this?"

James... Read More

So here I'm blabbing about divorce and I'm divorced. Hmm... I took my vows seriously and meant them. I believe in my heart that I would still be married to my x if he hadn't left for greener pastures. I wasn't given any choice. I'm not saying I wasn't just as much at fault. I just didn't have a choice.

Years later I found out that pretty much our whole marriage was a sham. He had slept around for years. As it turns out, many of his conquests were my girl friends. The worst part of it all is, it was my son who told me this.

My x left us and didn't bother with the boys... Read More

All the retail stores and websites are gearing up for the most over-rated, under-delivered "holiday" known as Mother's Day. The anticipation is sometimes met with a valiant attempt of appreciation but usually it just doesn't live up to the hype. That's because nothing anyone can do in a single day can embody the sacrifices, logistical wherewithal and good times that moms bring to our lives year in and year out. But I don't say this because I didn't get diamonds or a spa day last year, I say that because as cliche' as it sounds, doing something nice for your mom/a mom-like figure/the mom... Read More

Maybe you start out slow by letting them push the vacuum around when they are small. Then you move up to helping load the dishwasher or washing machine. Eventually you let them heat up frozen pizza or french fries in the oven under close supervision. By then you hope they realize that part of being able to perform these tasks using these tools is a privilege and a sign of maturity. By the time they figure out you've tricked them into doing your housework for you, they are in college. Of course like Tom Sawyer having his friends paint the fence, there could be consequences for your actions...Dad:... Read More

Just those breeds with a track record of biting. So, not really all dogs with a record of biting. More like one breed of dog with a track record of biting.

In reality they just want to muzzle Pit Bulls. Maybe it's the way they look. Could be it's the way they act. Might it just be our own fears projected onto one group?

The MSPCA states that "One in every four dogs brought to the MSPCA is a Pit Bull or Pit Bull mix." I've got to tell you, if I was abandoned I might bite you too. They also recommend that you Spay/Neuter your Pit Bull. If you tried that with me, I know I'd... Read More

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