Sunday, December 17, 2017

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For people who are on the lookout for a nice shower head to lift the style of their bathroom, the excellent Color Changing LED Hand Shower can be an unmatchable choice for them. Not only can they make it easier for you to take a relaxing whole body shower for their flexibility but also add an exquisite and classy feeling to your bathroom with the brilliant light they emit.

This Bathroom LED Spray Shower is especially ideal for young children. If you have a naughty kid who doesn’t like bathe at home, then the LED shower can be a big savior to help them get rid of that bad habit. I can... Read More

In fact, marriage is the perfect set-up for conflict. Put two flawed people together from opposite traditions, backgrounds and expectations who love each other and watch them "let their hair down". Both feel secure. They trust the other and so they relax their polite facades. Soon their wounds begin to surface. Usually they only react and blow up with each other. They push each other's buttons. Then the natural thought is,

"I've made a terrible mistake. I need a divorce."

Wrong, in most cases.

Conflict is the sign that you have made the perfect choice because people only... Read More

If you really don't want to spend a lonely Christmas, there are numerous substitutes. You could go on holiday where there you’ll get lots of single people. And don’t forget to say : “Merry Christmas!”

There are other ways too.

De-clutter and clean up

Start now to have a good clean up and de-clutter. De-cluttering tends to have a therapeutic effect and makes you feel good. Getting into action also tends to help you to lift your mood.

Plan Your Christmas meals

Plan what you are going to eat and drink during the festivals, including breakfasts. If you will be... Read More

Do you brave the cold to hang your clothes in the winter sunshine? You can still dry your clothes outside in the winter if you keep in mind the factors involved in drying. You have reasons on winter drying clothing, do you dry clothes outside to save money and energy, or do you use the sun for its natural bleaching effects? Your best winter options for clothes drying depend on your goals. And most of you think maybe drying clothes indoors with clothes dryer machine can still do the work in moist weather, and to dry clothing outdoors in winter could still benefit

For soft clothes, you... Read More

OneLife LA Celebrated All Human Life in Southern California

Los Angeles- A huge event was held in Grand Park on Saturday, January 17, 2015. I happened upon this wonderful, life affirming event while enroute to The Music Center for another event.

The Grand Park event was the inaugural OneLife LA, the first large-scale event that celebrated all human life in Southern California.

The event was well underway, when I arrived at the park, which featured a stage set-up on Spring Street, on the west side of Los Angeles City Hall.

The event featured thousands of people from... Read More

To say that every family is unique is to state one of the more obvious and well understood facts of the universe. Every family's circumstances and makeup is like a fingerprint specific to that family and no one else's. Some families have landed in countries very different from where their ancestors first began, while other families are founders of their own communities and never took the opportunity to leave. Some families have children who were born of their parents, while some families have children adopted from others. In the same way there are many reasons why each family is unique, there... Read More

Well, apart from the drunken nights, there are many activities that you can do which will involve fun filled games, along with dancing and drinking.

That hen night or hen weekend will not be complete without the fun and games. As a matter of fact, the activities conducted on hen party can add more fun and laughter to any night. No matter where the celebration will be, there will be something to do that will be perfect for the occasion. And one of the favorite among all is dancing.

Here’s a list of dance activities that you could do to make the night special:

Bollywood Dancing-... Read More

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