Saturday, March 24, 2018

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When talking extensively about parenting, the subject of child discipline is sure to surface. It’s been a hot topic over the years and deserves some serious discussion.The question of spanking a child is not easily answered definitively and will continue to be the subject of debate. Core to that debate is the point where spanking becomes abuse. Looking further into this subject, we should also note the point where discipline (non-physical) becomes abusive.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child” is a phrase found in the Bible. Thus the idea that spanking has biblical roots, has already alienated... Read More

So it seems parenting has become a recurring theme this month, and why not? Without a doubt, it has to be the single most important job in the world. Everyone alive today doing whatever it is they are doing, was shaped in part, by a parent or the guidance of someone other than themselves. What we teach those that will inherit the Earth will determine what kind of world future generations live in.

Speaking of teaching, is this not the second most important job in the world? Without starting a rant into how important teachers are and how serious we should be taking the curriculum being... Read More

The new year is here and for some homeowners that means it’s time to take their home up to a new level. Most of them think they need to knock down a wall or rip up the carpets to really improve their home. What if they could do a few minor jobs that would keep one part of their home in good condition for years to come? The fact is that a few preventative plumbing tasks can have a major impact on the future condition of many homes.

What a Drain

Does anyone think about their drainage piping? Most people don’t give it a second thought unless it’s blocked and causing a problem in... Read More

In view of the unpredictable insecurity factors exist in current society, people strive to install surveillance equipment in their house to help guard the safety of their property. With the popularity of security system in household and business use, there is one new type of them now in fashion in auto industry to 24 hours monitor and record what’s happening and happened in the car, which is the so called HD Car DVR Camcorder.

DVR means Digital Video Recorder, and just as their name implies, their function is to prevent their cars from robbery or damages with the help of surveillance... Read More

f we look at how much we as humans sleep, it is on average about of 1/3 of our lives. Having a good mattress to sleep on takes away the cares of our lives from stress we might be facing. Good sleep can also have us well rested for a hard day of work to keep us focused, in both ways, physically and mentally. But are there tricks to have a better night sleep? The short answer is yes, and today if you would like to feel well rested every night with these simple tricks we encourage you to read on.

Nine Tips for Better Sleep

Exercise: Having exercise in the morning or mid-afternoon... Read More

Bedtime in a family of eleven is not an easy mission not if you want to nurture each child and meet their emotional and spiritual needs. Bedtime took hours every night for decades at our house because it included storytime, sharing, prayers and back rubs.

I did anything and everything to make sure bedtime was as peaceful and as loving as possible. Happy, secure kids fall asleep quicker, sleep through the night (occasionally) and don’t wake up as early (sometimes). So to execute my outrageous mission, I hung quilts over windows in the summer and used fans in bedrooms to create white noise.... Read More

No matter in modern, vantage or traditional style, owning a neat, clean, comfortable and well-equipped bathroom is every family’s dream. What are the features that a qualified bathroom is supposed to have?

Firstly, the layout of bathroom is the essential part you can’t skip. It’s OK for your bathroom to be pretty small, although little room means more limits, it can be small but clean and neat enough with proper layout and good arrangement. No matter big or small, bathroom should not be filled with too many stuffs cause actually it is kind of dangerous for bumping into hard things when... Read More

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