Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Money might have been tight in our large family and life a bit messy but our lives were filled with activity and fun because God's creatures were part of our lives. Animals helped transform us into a playful and joyful family who sensed the Love of God in, with and through our pets.

The simplest way to play with kids is in nature, especially with pets or farm animals. Have you noticed how a toddler delights in the mere glimpse of a dog or cat? Even a goldfish on the counter or a hamster in a small apartment will fascinate a small child with their antics. For our family, joyful living... Read More

For many students, doing math homework is incredibly challenging and time-consuming. The mathematic concepts are often too abstract and challenging for students to easily grasp on their own.

Are you struggling with math assignments? Being strategic about it and knowing how to tackle such academic tasks will be a major prerequisite for success. You’ll find the following tips for doing a math homework quite beneficial.

Use a Pencil to do the Homework

One of the simplest things you can do to keep the work organized is using a pencil first.

A challenging math problem can get... Read More

‘Off-the-grid’ indicates living in homes, which are autonomous, referring they don’t depend on the so called fundamental needs like municipal water supply, natural gas, sewer, electrical power grid and similar other services. A real off-the-grid place is able to function completely independent from all the conventional public utility services. Many people who think about how to go off the grid, is driven upon the need to get rid of the debts, spending money, dealing with finances and to walk far from a life of servitude. There are even tips available to guide those who have decided to go off... Read More

It’s always sad when someone close to you passes away. Sometimes, the pain is hard to bear. Yet, there are lots of things that you need to manage within a short time that you might get soon after the death of a close person. That’s because, it is essential to soon arrange the funeral of your near and dear one when he passes away. It is the only way you can show proper respect to the person after his death. But there are lots of things to keep an eye on when you are planning a funeral. And all the focus should be on ensuring that the funeral is proper enough to show the respect that... Read More

Some people use this quote, “choose your battles” to express the idea that when dealing with a potential confrontation with your child, it is a good idea to step back and ask,

“Does it REALLY matter? Does this disagreement really have to do with morality, common sense or responsibility or is it simply a matter of taste, choice or opinion?”

If I am honest, about 90% of the time disagreements with my kids were not worth fighting over. As the most mature person in the equation, I should probably acquiesce as gracefully as possible.

For me, this was a ‘very hard pill to swallow’... Read More

The irreplaceable role of grandparents in the lives of children.

Throughout history, and even now in agricultural, third-world cultures, extended families are the norm. Secondary attachments in such families enrich the lives of children. As the African proverb reminds first-world countries, “It takes a community to raise a child.”

Most discussions surrounding attachment parenting center on the role of parents. While it’s true that children thrive when nurtured by their primary caretakers, attachments to grandparents enhance the process. By offering a helping hand in caring for... Read More

There's lot of advice for working women about how to balance work and family life. Fathers are often left out of the discussion, but they shouldn't be. Fathers play such a pivotal role in the healthy development of their children that for them to balance their work and family life is essential. The old days, when stay-at-home moms threatened their children with "Wait until your father gets home", are over. Fathers are no longer viewed first and foremost as the disciplinarian source of a paycheck. Mothers work and dads are expected to help with household chores as well as take an active role... Read More

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