Monday, January 22, 2018

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Interviews to gather information for a research project can be made online, by phone or face-to-face. The plot is the same for each shape. A successful interview begins long before the actual contact. Preparation is the key to making primary research by interviewing a competent and reliable expert for a research project.


1. A preliminary research conducted to find background information on the topic you are going to discuss with the interviewee. As you write your notes, think about what you like to learn; then use the notes to develop specific questions that will... Read More


Students today's lesson delves into why you don't need ID description when writing, or indeed, preparing a novel for the masses.

My name is Prof. Ark. You may have read my best seller. 'Nondescript.' There are no 'character' vital paintwork brushed ensemble "scowl, lined, pock- marked coughing menagerie of wrinkled grey- streaked stained- torch of 'want' for the village cow. Non, pertaining to the Greek or Hebrew...meaning essentially from a synchrotic view...non. It is only when one aligns a variable tripod... Read More

There is something unstable in Arvind Kejriwal’s persona that makes him behave in the way he mostly does. He has that penchant for ‘self-destruct’ and, in the process, he betrays the faith reposed in him by hundreds and thousands of common, educated and well-meaning people as also civil society organizations. One wonders whether he has that inscrutable split personality like that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as it seems there has been a sea change in his conduct and personality since the days of the movement appropriately known as India Against Corruption (IAC).

A man who joined the modern-day... Read More


Hi students from all wacks of life. I'm Anne A, a Diplomatrix Prof. of where to venture if you're a user of English or within the vicinity. I must say boys and girls the way distressed English is distributed willy nilly with abortive verbal from the upper echelon in its highest social media context is ok. For example: "We sort your mathtics and Engish and poofread same to enable you to achieve higher exactication of chosen field- contact us- we help..." Of course the sentence should read thus. "We sort your mathtics, Engish, AND poofread same to... Read More

Right and fantastic lighting always help us do all our living better. To add instant style and function to your living spaces with these lighting ideas for accent lighting, chandeliers, sconces, etc.

modern home decor

Chandelier is the most classic of all living room lighting fixtures. Generally positioned in the center of the room directly over the main seating area, these elaborate lighting fixtures are at once the room’s main source illumination and works of art. Their sculptural shapes fill void between the ceiling and the living space, and their twinkling, often candle-shape... Read More

Essay help: YOUR or YOU'RE? RIGINAL.

Prof. Y here. Doctorate in the arts, senior lecturer at the Mexican Chili pepper club. Seller of new and reconditioned donks for donkeys. Donk is an Australian slang for engine. Therefore a donkey obviously is a four footed ass with an equine motor.

Are you with me so far students or are you asleep on the sofa having a siesta?

Thank you for the cheque Amrad Footloose, residing on the east coast of inland Put. Just north of the Italian dogleg.

I put your cheque sent from Put into my account. That 50 pesos translated into Australian... Read More

Going to college is an important thing for a lot of people, particularly in America where a college level education is almost seen as an essential if you want to work in most professional fields. You can study almost anything at college, and there is a course for almost all potential career paths, so for many people, it is easy to find something that matches both their ambitions and interests and their natural talents.

Of course, there are many fields that a person can be talented in or can work hard to be good at, and only a portion of them involve writing. It is understandable that... Read More

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Why do Students need to write Essays at College?

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