Wednesday, September 19, 2018

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Before you read this article, I should first warn you that it is a departure from the norm, or at least what mainstream society considers normal. It is my opinion and I have evidence to support it, that the concept of "normal" should be permanently banished. In fact I'll go one step further. The word itself should be removed from the dictionary. Why? Because there is no such thing as "normal" and there never has been. The word and concept of normal, was created by a few impossibly boring people who sought to distinguish themselves from you and I by declaring themselves to be "normal".... Read More

I have a daughter named Jessica, she will be 22 in the spring.

I see her every other day,we just shared company yesterday.I always refer to her as my heart.It is because of her there is a beating in my chest!

I didn't want children. My belief at the time,prior to her entry into this world,was that we, our generaton and several before us have become corrupt in morality and grown ignorance in life, and have wreaked havoc on this planet, our society and our own basic lives.

We would be selfish and criminal to bring more children into this world for no other reason than to... Read More

Christopher Pittman got 30 years for shooting his grandparents in November 2001. That might seem like a puny sentence for a double murder until one considers how puny the perpetrator was: about five feet tall. But then that is about average for a sixth-grader.

Why Pittman snapped is anyone's guess. Maybe it was the frequent whippings he got from his father, or his mother's tendency to disappear for years at a time. When he was 12, he had a nervous breakdown, which is when he started taking Paxil. That is also when he moved from the family home in Oxford, Florida to live with his grandparents... Read More

This is late 2008 and the world is in a crisis. Not that there hasn’t been always a crisis somewhere at sometime. However we have just lately brought more to a head, than ever. Or maybe it just seems like that for my perspective.

Human greed has brought on this particular one and it has been building to this particular climax for many years. Our financial markets are in a mess due to so many factors, but mostly because we all bought the lie “the one who has the most toys wins.” You say no that wasn’t me! But just think about it. Do you have credit card debt? Are you only paying the minimum... Read More

By AmyO

On September 5, ABC, NBC and CBS will all participate in one of the largest cancer telethons called "Stand Up to Cancer" with over 60 celebrities coming out to help raise money for cancer research. Everyone from Jessica Alba to Keanu Reeves to Jennifer Garner to Salma Hayek will be on hand to encourage viewers to donate money to help scientists find a cure and work together.

This is such an important cause. A woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every three minutes and its hard to think of anybody who hasn't known someone that was touched by one form or another of this disease. I lost... Read More

Red Bull increases a healthy person’s risk of stroke after just one can. This disappointing conclusion has arrived from a recent Australian study, as reported on Reuters. The blood becomes “sticky,” after imbibing just one can of the sugar-free energy drink. This blood characteristic is common in a person prior to a stroke or other cardiovascular problem. The combination of a Red Bull type drink and stress could be deadly. Researcher Scott Willoughby, remarks about the healthy study participants:

“One hour after they drank Red Bull, (their blood systems) were no longer normal. They... Read More

Satisfaction in my opinion is being able to look at oneself in a positive manner when challenges present a mountainlike structure and learning how to handle them.

For instance, take my fear of heights. Several people I know enjoy mountain climbing. One is a lady that has climbed Mt. Everest. Another is a man that along with two of his friends takes to the northeast trails high up in the mountains and enjoys camping along the way.

Personally, I’m not so inclined to be up that high. I don’t even like being up in a plane. I get dizzy just watching clips of people looking over the... Read More

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