Monday, December 18, 2017

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This has been a profound and interesting last couple of weeks for me; filled with celebrations, traditions, new beginnings and absolute endings. Let's start with green beer and Saint Patrick's Day: why in the world do we do this? It's an Irish holiday, not an American one, for shamrock's sake. Note the lack of Irish people out and about the next time you go pub hopping on March 17th. For example, at the Yelp event, it was predominately drunken Asians with their red faces and demure girlfriends. Oh sure, a few people looked like they might be Irish... ...but most of... Read More

It’s no news that the Internet has changed our culture, and we continue to move forward at light speed into new realms of virtuality. I like that: reality and virtuality. You may remember two years ago the genius cover of Time magazine’s Person of the Year with it's glossy silver TV screen showing us all who won. We are changing and dictating the laws that govern this webby universe in communications, media, business technology, and well, everything, even our social lives. Every moment of the day it seems there are new trends sweeping the online communities. The fact that there are online... Read More

I’m a bitch.

Wait…no…It’s only because I’m a woman that I call myself a bitch.

Had I been born with external plumbing and the ability to urinate standing up without dousing the seat in liquid gold as my thighs cramp from the effort I might use different words to describe myself. Words like powerful, aggressive, and a real go-getter… a man that gets promoted while women who possess those same qualities are passed over. I might consider myself the kind of man that you want covering your back…a man that knows what he wants and knows how to get it. People might praise my propensity... Read More


Worry is to feel or express great care and anxiety, to fret. To worry is to have something constantly on the mind and agonizing over it. It can give a sick feeling. It can also be expressed through speech and action. The mind is agitated and there are complaints, there is impatience and irritability. In other words, there is no peace.

Sometimes worry can consume hours, days even weeks out of your life. You try to throw it off, but it clings like static. It clings like a tick on an unsuspecting animal.

Then “What If” enters. When “What If” enters, peace leaves.... Read More

Whereas most individuals are familiar with the term "barebacking", only a select, special few are familiar with the new word for an old activity, known as "saddlebacking". What pray tell is it? Well, "saddlebacking" is the phenomenon of pimple faced Christian teens engaging in unprotected anal sex in order to protect their virginities. (http://www.sadlebackin...) For example: After attending the Celibacy Ball, at Rick Warren's Saddleback Church, Shirley and Stan saddlebacked like rabbits to protect their virginity. "Hmm," you may be thinking. "This is just a fancy way of saying sodomy. In what... Read More

Some things are just never as good as they promise to be. For example: sequels to previously good summer blockbusters. The movie version of best selling novels. Folksy presidents from Texas who struggle with English. FEMA after a flood in the French Quarter. The grass on the other side.When I was a kid my folks got it in their minds that moving us out of the burbs and onto a ranch in the country would be a wholesome way to raise up their brood. They purchased a three acre ranch fully furnished with props. It came with a pony named Trigger, a coop full of hens and one rooster, a pond with ducks... Read More

I just started my second personal project. It’s an idea that I thought about doing years ago, of course, and I am just now getting around to it. While I’ve been working on it for the past 2 weeks and feel very passionate about it, I’ve also come across many mental roadblocks. I start it, I pause, then I pause some more until eventually I realized I am just now procrastinating. In my heady way, I’ve been trying to understand why I keep putting this project off. I started to read blogs about why other writers do this. In doing so I have finally come to a point in seeing how procrastination can... Read More

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