Tuesday, December 12, 2017

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I had to call myself out last week. I found my self thinking wrongly , and doing something I would not do in good conscience . I had gone out after digging myself out from a huge snow storm, so perhaps my mood was not quite right at the time. This is not an excuse that I will allow myself though. I arrived at the grocery store I normally shop at. I go there as I find they have a great selection plus very reasonable prices. I personally hate wasting money when shopping for food, as I am very aware of so many that do not have enough to buy the proper food for themselves or their family.... Read More

Dreams and nightmares are elusive. They play hide and seek with our rational intellect because they rise up only when our cognitive brain shuts down. Dreams are one of the languages of the subconscious and our deepest soul but the language is not logical. It is intuitive, creative, and one of the languages of the Spirit, using imagery, symbolism and deep-rooted, strong emotions.

The right brain cannot be understood with our left-brain. We love our left-brained life because we can control and train it with our wills. Our right brain simply laughs at our feeble attempts to rein it in.... Read More

Boerne is 51yrs old, handsome in a rugged sort of way; olive skin, high cheekbones and black straw-like hair. He’s never been a talker and we sit on the veranda drinking beer instead, our eyes drawn to a 2 x 6 metre recycle bin out front. At the end the day the sun is uncanny and low, the sky scarlet as summer bushfires rage in the western ranges.

“Good of you to help out,” says Boerne, flicking the top from another beer. “To be honest, you know, I’d rather be somewhere else.” And for the briefest of moments, his dark eyes leave the recycle bin. “Maybe we just got married too young.... Read More

Without the confidence I received from publishing in BrooWaha, discussions on BlogCatalog, and my own personal editor, Isabel Anders, I would probably still be writing nothing more than mummy drivel. In fact I would certainly not be writing a book and I might even have stopped writing a blog.

11 months ago, when I closeted myself in a room to sit down and write, I froze. I considered writing to be a solitary craft but looking at a blank screen or talking into thin air was a sterile exercise in futility for me. I could not translate the same creative energy that I experienced telling... Read More

I was born in Detroit and have always loved R&B and Motown music. It speaks to my soul and always has. Years later , my husband and I met a wonderful couple from Cardiff, Wales. (Pat and Royston Marcus) one halloween night. They had just moved in that day and felt bad they had nothing to give out for Halloween. They were our neighbors for five years and through them I was introduced to reggae music and soca, calypso music. In fact my son Marcus is named after him...We use to spend our weekends together listening to music, eating, drinking and just enjoying this wonderful friendship.

... Read More

“You don't look fake when you unconsciously pretend.” - Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

The pill went down easy. Within minutes I felt the effects crawl over my soul. My desire assuaged, the direction became clear. Get more of this drug, get more, get more. Addiction's voice is haunting and nagging, worse than an old wife on the rag. In my gut, I feel a recurring emptiness and my mind is filled with noisy clutter. They dance in an unsettled pattern that revolves around like the moon, the gravity of seriousness holding both of them close. I filled my bottle up with pretty... Read More

I was listening to an interview on the car radio as we drove into through farmland and uncultivated stretches into town. An excited British woman devotes an entire blog to her experiences in the wilderness that makes up much of Canada. To her friends in England, Canada is an exotic foreign land.

Suddenly I realized how wild and barren Canada still is. Canada is one of the First World Countries but it remains largely undeveloped. The theme of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver was the stark beauty of millions of square kilometres of vast, tundra, mountain ranges, and forests.

... Read More

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