Friday, February 23, 2018

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The coast of Orissa is known for the birds, the beast and especially for the Olive Ridley turtles. With the biodiversity it supports, it can easily pass for a fragile ecosystem that needs protection. Bhitarkanika sanctuary and Gahirmatha beaches are already listed as reserved and restricted areas, in fact the beaches at Gahirmatha are of global importance because they are one of the last nesting places of the Olive Ridley turtles.

Orissa, apart from being an ecologically sensitive, is also one of the richest in terms of mineral wealth. 70 per cent of India’s total bauxite deposits... Read More

You cannot smoke in a car. You cannot smoke in a bar. You cannot smoke on a plane. You cannot smoke on a train. You cannot smoke with a kid around. You cannot smoke anywhere in town. The only place that you can smoke is sitting in a garbage pail. And even then you can’t exhale! Why don't they just make smoking cigarettes illegal? I just recently quit (for the 100th time), so I would actually welcome it at this point. California has passed so many laws that limit where people can smoke, that it just seems like they're dodging the inevitable. If smoking is so bad for us and the state keeps... Read More

Unfortunately, there is no towel large enough and no amount of baking soda that can save Greece from the fires that have ravaged the country since Friday, August 24. I had not immediately grasped the enormity of the situation until I saw a NASA photograph taken from space. Seeing that blew my mind; Greece was, and is, clearly under siege. Often, tragedy brings about both ingenuity and heroism, as demonstrated by George Dimopoulos in Makistos, Greece via The New York Times: When the water ran out, with pine cones popping and the flames still high around his house, George Dimopoulos switched... Read More

The sky was baby blue, and the air was so crisp I was wearing triple layers. On the surface, everything seemed quite still in the park; a typical day in the North. But a closer FEEL revealed the bigger signs, the deeper meanings. The beavers were quiet in their homes underneath the ice. All around lay the huge cottonwoods they had brought down with their teeth. A small eagle watched us from its giant nest across the river. Brittle leaves stirred, exhausted from the long winter affair. My brother, his girlfriend, and myself had come to this park armed with large hefty bags, gloves, and... Read More

By E Jo

I had no idea what a grunion was or why it was running, but I wasn't going to say a word and ruin this rare opportunity for a late night beach adventure. Today, it's just as exciting to watch these elusive fish emerge from the sea at midnight. With the light of the full moon dancing on the water, the silvery grunion surf the waves and sinuously skim up the beach. During a large run, thousands of grunion shimmer brilliantly in a silver lining along the surf. Coming ashore to spawn on a full or new moon, the grunion arrive after a high tide with such regularity that the time can be predicted... Read More

By E Jo

Gray whales, humpbacks, blue whales, dolphins, porpoises and other sensitive species off the coast of California are at risk. According to the National Resource Defence Counsel ("NRDC'), "In 2004, the world's leading whale biologists examined the link between navy sonar and whale strandings and concluded that the evidence of sonar causation is 'very convincing' and 'overwhelming.'" Whales from all over the world have been found dead or dying following exposure to mid-frequency sonar. Evidence of sonar effects on marine mammals began to emerge in 2000 when whales of four different species... Read More

By V

Presiding over all this natural beauty, imagine, after dark, a modern, vertical and dense business district, its twinkling towers pushing themselves up into the stars, a famous harbor bridge ablaze and abuzz with thousands of cars and bustling trains, lights whizzing by. Imagine an opera house, its peaks like the sails of an expensive yacht, lit up like a majestic, white apparition, drifting in busy waters that support ferries, taxi boats, yachts, tall ships, cargo ships and cruise liners. Now shhh -- imagine somebody pulls the plug and the city plunges into darkness. At 7:30pm, on March... Read More

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