Sunday, February 25, 2018

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Monoculture is a form of mass suicide practiced by groups of people who think they are smarter than Mother Nature. The Irish put their faith in the potato, and the potato famine that resulted nearly extinguished them. In vast reaches of the equatorial world, the potato equivalent -- the staple food without which life is not sustainable -- is the banana.

The banana famine is imminent. A country such as ours, whose economy and diet depends heavily on one plant -- corn -- should pay attention.

Industrial agriculture has done the same thing with bananas that it has done with every... Read More

October 22, 2009, Jerusalem, Israel - Better Place Israel, headed by Israeli Moshe Kaplinski, signed an agreement with Israel's capital city of Jerusalem that plans for the installation of an electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout the municipality. The new initiative, to take place over the next 18 months, will develop and test a newly developed infrastructure of charging stations and battery swapping facilities. The charging stations will be located on major streets in Jerusalem and some public properties including a park, a parking lot and a museum.

To-date 20 charging... Read More

It's ironic that while our attention is being directed to the swine flu epidemic, which doesn't seem to be hurting much of anything, a real threat to our life-support system is crawling out of the wasteland created by chemical-industrial agriculture: the super-pig-weed.

It looks just like the pig weed that corn-, cotton- and soybean-farmers have been fighting in the South forever. It's big, it kicks the crap put of any crop it's contesting with, and it's tough enough to stop a combine in its tracks. The only thing different about the superweed variety is that it can't be killed by any... Read More

Jonny Carson made a joke once when he said, “Things are looking up, the mud slides are putting out the forest fires.” For some folks living in California this hits a little too close to home. If over the last few months, the state hasn’t had its share of problems, with the financial crises. Now they have to worry about earthquakes.

Not that earthquakes are anything new to the natives, what makes this different is the timing. Says the (SCEC) Southern California Earthquake Center in cooperation with U.S Geological Survey, California Geological Survey, and the California earthquake Authority... Read More

From bicyclists wearing helmets combing the foggy hillsides near Mori Point to the outdoor, hands-on compost seminars at the Pacifica Gardens, this years Pacifica Beach Coalition Earth Day event was a huge success. An estimated 3,000 volunteers came out for this year’s event including those individuals at school-wide events. At the Earth Day celebration following the morning clean up at Sharp Park Beach, a large 20 yard dumpster was filled to the brim with trash as well as three large truckloads [over 1000 pounds] of recycling. “We want Pacifica to be a model for other cities, to show that... Read More

"Can we really *own* a piece of the earth when no one in our family will live forever?"

~Billy, age 6 on asking his parents real estate agent about buying a new home.

I find it amazing how the wisdom of a small child can point out to us adults that the earth belongs to no one person, but everyone. The earth is in fact a time share; individually we possess the right to use the property, and each sharer is allotted a period of time (typically a lifetime) in which they may use the earth. Timeshares may be on a "to use" basis, but in this case every individual must do their part to... Read More

It's disconcerting to return to a place you know well and sense that eerie feeling that something is not right, - like coming home to find your door slightly ajar when you know you locked it tight. That's exactly what happened on Wednesday afternoon when I pulled into the strip mall parking lot off Lincoln Boulevard at Rose Avenue in Venice; something was missing, I thought. Then it hit me...the trees! The trees were gone! Fourteen trees that encircled the lot had been unceremoniously cut down by the contractor hired to begin remodeling the former Big Lots site for the new Whole Foods Market.... Read More

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