Saturday, December 15, 2018

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Bought a new home recently? Planning on starting a garden? Well, before you begin, please, I implore you, heed my advice: whatever you do, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT buy any peppermit starters at your local garden center. And, God forbid, don't buy the seeds! Trust me on this one! If you didn't live so far, I would invite you over on a Saturday afternoon for a 'work-outside-day' in my garden and show you WHY it's such a bad idea to grow peppermint in your garden.

Let me start at the beginning, ten years ago as a matter of fact.

Once upon a time, I married my soul mate.... Read More

Mico says it's "music inspiration from your subconsciousness." According to the founders, Mico frees a user from having to select new songs. With Mico the headphones detects your brainwaves, searches for music from its database and then selects songs that match your mood.

Mico has been developed by Neurowear, a project team based in Tokyo, that is focused on creating "communication for the near future". Neuroware designs prototypes of new products and services based on biological signals such as your brainwaves and heartbeat. Mico has two parts to it. The headset and a mobile app.... Read More

Sony's Action Cam comes with integrated Wi-Fi, slo-mo modes and waterproof casing. It's anamazing an piece of equipment though what I've always thought was missing from this Action Cam is the ability to see the world from my dog's point of view.

Well, it seems as if someone agrees. Sony's Action Cam, thanks to the soon to be released AKA-DM1, will enable you to mount the Action Cam to your dogs' back and truly see action through your dog's point of view. Clearly for the curious dog owner, the AKA-DM! is a harness that hooks over and then around the dog's body and has a mount for the... Read More

It makes complete sense that Ralph Lauren, the iconic fashion brand, purveyor of an extensive line of personal and home accessories from colognes, and shoes, to towels, sheets as well as the owner of a chain of restaurants -- for when home just doesn't feel that comfortable and you just "have to" to let others see your latest RL clothes -- also wants to make certain the pup in your life is living a life of luxury.

Ralph Loren's new line of pet accessories for 2013 clearly is designed to make absolutely sure that you pooch is living the high life.

For 2013 Ralph Lauren features... Read More

These acro-cats cross tightropes, wobble on rocking horses, on the top of mirror balls and even deign to get their paws dirty with a little comedy at the Moscow Cat Theater. The theater, founded by Yuri Kuklachev and his son Dmitri in 1990, stars 120 felines and a few human catch watchers, reports the Daily Mail.

"The animals feel good and each of them has found its place. That's great because it shows that the atmosphere here is favourable for them. We have more than 120 cats in total. We haven't brought all of them here. Step by step we will be bringing them in. Soon we'll have a... Read More

San Antonio, Texas - is the newest vacation rentals site on the internet though its founder Angelican Alaniz, isn't new to promoting and renting vacation rentals to travellers looking for a different type of vacation to a traditional resort of hotel. Alaniz was the founder of 2 of the internets first vacation rental sites, and, sites that she sold early in 2004. Angie is back in the vacation rental listing site business again with her latest venture, With a passion for finding travelers great deals and internet promotion... Read More

A smart chef knows to withhold 1 or 2 key ingredients or dynamic that gives their dish that ultimate taste difference. I can tell you that this home-reared chef has at times been tempted to do just that, and, in fact, in the past—a very long time ago—indeed I have. In my defense, I will tell you why.

When a friend or relative has sampled one of my personal creations, a particular dish they have found to be truly delicious—so much that they want to go home and duplicate it—it is natural that they would want to ask for the recipe. I, too, will often ask for a recipe I like; however I also... Read More

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