Saturday, November 17, 2018

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David Markham is a variety artist whose specialties include sword swallowing, magic, ventriloquism, knife throwing and whip stunts. Before his performance as a part of Arabian Nights with the Mirage BellyDance Duo at Khoury's in Long Beach, he spoke about combining comedy and sword swallowing, discovering the "barriers" of sword swallowing, and what he recommends for someone who may want to swallow swords.

I’m interested to know how you combine comedy and sword swallowing.Sword swallowing is a good gag. [drums the table] Usually I make different jokes and do different stunts with it.... Read More

Jen Wilkinson is a comedian living in orange County. She has been performing stand-up comedy for more than a year since leaving her sales job at a major corporation. At Ocean Avenue Brewery in Laguna Beach, she spoke openly in a sort of stream of consciousness about making that enormous leap.

You quit corporate America for stand-up comedy. What made you decide to take that jump?I was burned out. I was successful, but I felt like I was married to my work. I wasn’t having a life. I was traveling sometimes two weeks a month. That was at GE. I just felt like I was sacrificing my soul for... Read More

"RIP Marcel Marceau" I received the text message from a friend, and fellow Francophile just moments ago, about the passing of the inimitable Monsieur Marceau. On the one hand, it is almost universally agreed that mimes are fun to pick on, but on the other, this gentleman was a giant among his fellows. Not just among the merchants of mute, but among human beings in general. However, rather than rehash all his numerous accomplishments and accolades, which are, at the moment, being heralded by every media outlet on the planet, and much more effectively than I could ever do, I wish only to... Read More

Every so often in the entertainment world, someone with no talent sneaks in under the radar and gains popularity for no logical reason, in my opinion. It doesn't matter that they can't sing, act or tell jokes, but somehow they're in the right place at the right time and make it big. Certain rappers, bands and comedians fit neatly into this category. I have never understood how Insane Clown Posse, Vanilla Ice, Judy Tenuta or Emo Phillips, for example, ever sold a single album or CD. Andrew Dice Clay is a poster child for this phenomenon. The fact that he's been performing for more than 20... Read More

"If pain is comedy than high school was hilarious"- So states the tagline for Teen Movie High, an improvised homage to everything for which John Hughes stood. Teen Movie High is an hour long improvised tour de force of ridiculousness. For anyone who considers Sixteen Candles and Weird Science timeless classics or anybody who believes Judd Nelson really is a misunderstood genius- this show will blow your proverbial socks off. I recently went to watch and review Teen Movie High for supercool event site: UNCOOLKIDS.COM. The following is what I experienced. The evening started out with director,... Read More

By Noa

Last night I went to see Broadway's award-winning best musical The Lion King, which is playing at the Pantages Theater on Hollywood and Vine until January 7th. This is the fourth musical I have been to but I must say it is by far the best. The most impressive things about it are the costumes and props. The creativity involved in making the animals come alive on stage was unbelievable! Far from the classic personification of animals in Cats, where actors simply wear little ears and makeup, the Lion King has revolutionized the creation of animal characters. The production uses many different... Read More

It's Tuesday night. You've had a tough day "workin' hard for the money". You need a drink. You need a little bit of entertainment and "Roseanne" re-runs just won't suffice. You are longing for some good-ole' fashioned singing and dancing! You call up a few girls (or flamboyant guys) and put on your most cliche outfits. You are on your way to RAGE's Dreamgirls Drag Show Extravaganza! Located at 7994 Santa Monica Blvd., RAGE hosts an array of female impersonators that glorify all that it is to be fabulous and queer in Southern California. These Queens aren't the ones your mama used to throw... Read More

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