Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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Have you ever noticed that some people just look better with a little meat on their bones? They lose a bunch of weight and suddenly they look weird. I think Star Jones Reynolds is a good example. Hey, God bless her as she lost all that poundage and benefited her health, no doubt. I'm just saying that she looked better fat. I am sure she's much happier. What will Kathy Griffin and Howard Stern have to joke about now? They can't do fat jokes about Star anymore. Actually, skinny or chubby, I find Star Jones to be very annoying. Fans of The View had to listen to her endless wedding plans for... Read More

Mayor Gavin Newsom categorically denied ever using cocaine Wednesday and blasted Supervisor Chris Daly for raising the allegation during a jammed Board of Supervisors meeting a day earlier, saying his City Hall tactics had brought San Francisco politics to a new low. Newsom, who earlier this year entered rehab for a drinking problem, angrily responded to reporters' questions about whether he has ever used coke, saying, "Absolutely not." "I am associated with something that I don't do, never have, not even in the realm of reason should someone even accuse me of this," Newsom said. The Chris... Read More

With the final episode of The Sopranos airing tonight, viewers all over the world are speculating how the carnage, confusion and betrayal will come to an end. Arguably the most popular cable series ever, The Sopranos never completely jumped the shark, although it dig bog down for short periods of time during the third and fourth seasons, in my opinion. But, if this evening's episode is a good one, and packs any kind of wallop, all will be forgiven. If it isn't, bodies could start showing up - most likely those belonging to HBO executives. Creator David Chase has continually frustrated many... Read More

"The Big Donor Show" is it's name and giving away kidney's is it's game. Come on, come on, step right up, one will live, three will die! Get your tickets here! "Lisa," a 37 year old terminally ill cancer patient, has decided that she only needs one of her two healthy kidneys for the rest of her fateful journey into the afterlife. Three very ill people will be shown pleading for the approximately 1/4 pounder donation. (As critical to life as they are, a full size human kidney weighs only about 1/4 pound and is about 4 inches long, 2.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches thick.) then "the public, will... Read More

Strike up the band! Run out into the streets and cheer! Happiness reigns throughout the land! Today is truly a great day in the history of daytime television. The most annoying individual on TV this side of Simon Cowell is quitting. Rosie O'Donnell is soon to be history on "The View" and all I can say is Thank God. Not since Star Jones left the show have I been so elated to see someone get off my TV screen. I rarely watch it, but now at least if I'm bored I can turn on "The View" without losing my lunch. Rosie is so loud, so overbearing and so forceful with her opinions that on most days... Read More

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