Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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There is always something very special, very nostalgic about school re-unions. Old friends get together. You see your ex-classmates and your ex-crush pouring in. With a large number of people joining together, you might find it very difficult to find a single place to let all hang on. If you have arranged a school re-union party before and have fallen under such a condition, then this time, you can think of the easiest solution possible- hire bouncy castles!

So, if you are the host in this year’s re-union party, then this time, you might want to hire bouncy castles that are so abundantly... Read More

Marriage is the union of two souls and indeed it is the work of the almighty. However, though the communion may have been planned in the heaven but it is for sure that the ceremony takes place on the earth before the family and friends.

A few years ago marriages usually took place in where the couple belonged. However, this has changed drastically since then. Today people are migrating from their homelands to different parts of their country or world for work and education. So, choosing a wedding location becomes even a bigger problem. But the couples have the courage to think out of... Read More

Deer hunting is not just a recreational sport. It is a passion for many bow hunters. They wait eagerly for the deer hunting season. It needs precession, practice, technique and a few equipment. But it often happens that the most proficient hunter fails to achieve the target. To make it perfect, you need to learn a few techniques that will help you to hunt perfectly and kill the biggest buck.

Here are some tips to make your performance better. Take a look.

Prepare Mentally

The most important thing while you are hunting is to prepare yourself mentally. Everything that you... Read More

Pride for the nation: Some people are born to fight all odds and Satyarup Siddhanta stands testimony to this fact. The software Engineer from the city Bangalore and mountaineer has added another feather to his cap as he recently finished scaling Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps and in Western Europe with summit elevation 15,781 feet above sea level. The proud mountaineer is now gearing up to climb Mt Everest the highest mountain in world.

An Avid Adventurer at Heart: Passion for scaling the peaks is inherent in techie Satyarup Siddhanta who has completed his computer engineering... Read More

Pigeons known as its uncommon latin name Columbidae are adorable but they are pest birds and this means that are capable of causing extensive damage to mechanical structures, facades, and buildings. They can also pose be a health risk.This is because they can spread about 60 diseases through their droppings alone. The good news is that there is an effective way to deal with pigeons.

Birds such as pigeons, enjoy flocking together hence why they have been a choice for humans to keep them in large numbers for racing. When in rural settings, they perch on mid ground in patterns which if... Read More

Buying a pre-owned motorcycle has a lot of benefits. Thorough research can help you buy the right used bike that will give you great value for your money. With a large number of pre-owned bikes available, you may get confused when it comes to selecting one that will provide you with complete satisfaction. Suzuki motorcycles have become one of the preferred brands; in fact, Suzuki is one of the most reliable brands on the market. There are many online dealers who can provide you with pre-owned as well as new bikes. They also offer repair and maintenance services so that you don’t have to experience... Read More

MODERN. riginal.

Remember as a kid if you were cold you put a jumper on, alternatively you stood there whingeing til you were blue in the face at either end. Like the old joke," if you want red cheeks jog with your shorts down." In short, you toughed it out, made blue, or made do. If you went camping and you were cold you chucked an extra tassle edge surround ground blanket on. An erection was easy if you were camp inclined. You made a triangle of posts either end,couple of horizontal sticks stuffed through looped or sewn slab sided heavy canvas rectangles. No prefab windows.

You... Read More

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