Saturday, December 15, 2018

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When Rihanna burst onto the music scene with her smash hit single Pon de Replay it was a general consensus she would fall into the one-hit wonder category. But with the help of Def Jam head Jay-Z, Rihanna has blossomed into one of the leading young female r&b artists of today and with her latest album Good Girl Gone Bad she proves that her second album and string of hits were not a fluke and establishes herself as a viable artist. Good Girl Gone Bad begins with the Jay-Z assisted infectious first single Umbrella, which finds Rihanna creating an interesting metaphor for her love with the... Read More

As Janelle Monae finishes her smoky performance two shadowy figures can be vaguely seen looking onward from backstage. They simultaneously nod their heads in approval to the beats pulsating from the speakers. Those shadowy figures are Chuck Lightning and Nate Wonder and they are the two that make up the enigma that is Deep Cotton. When the duo is not recording their own music they're working on music for other artists including the aforementioned Janelle Monae, Scar, Outkast, Bilal, DC and others under the name Wondaland Productions. Chuck and Nate met at Morehouse College while Chuck was... Read More

One can suppose that we're all subjected to that sick dream of dreams; how it's not our world, we're just living in it. Well this must be what it feels like to live in Britney's world as she mounts her "comeback" tour in California. Mickey Mouse met a former Clubhouse member on Wednesday night, as Britney Spears took the House of Blues stage at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, to show the world, supposedly, how in shape and ready to play she is. The average concert goer was met with a phalanx of Disney security, HOB Security, Anaheim Police, and every single type of media you can think of, from... Read More

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LA PHILHARMONIC PRESENTS SHADOW OF STALIN SPECIAL EVENTS: RUSSIAN CHANSON EXPLORES UNDERGROUND MUSICAL MOVEMENT; PRAVDA RE-IMAGINES RUSSIAN CULTURE FOR LATE-NIGHT DJ AND VJ MULTI-MEDIA EVENT Pravda Features Special Appearance by Ten-Piece Theremin Orchestra On Thursday, May 24 and Saturday, May 26, Walt Disney Concert Hall hosts two unprecedented events that explore the influence of political oppression on artistic expression during the Stalin era. These two contemporary programs are presented by the Los Angeles Philharmonic as part of Shadow of Stalin, a series of programs that examine... Read More

Even if you weren't around while a band was together, actively touring or pressing records. Their music can still get under your skin. How many generations have learned to love Led Zeppelin? I had friends in college who, as a collective household, only listened to Led Zep. Anytime I visited their place...what was on TV?...some Led Zep DVD. This is not an overstatement. I have never seen anything else on their TV with the exception being a greasy handful of Blockbuster movies. These guys probably never got to see Led Zep play live. They were drooling on themselves and pounding sippy cups... Read More

Hollywood-Cloudy skies greeted me as I awoke on the morning of February 22nd, 2007. This did not put a damper on my plans to attend the special news conference to hear the line-up for the 29th Annual Playboy Jazz Festival.

Invited musicians, media (print, radio, internet and T.V) and music industry representatives were amongst the V.I.P. guest in attendance at the Playboy Mansion for the press conference.

The Hamilton High School Academy of Music directed by Dan Taguchi entertained the crowd with a set of straight-ahead jazz.

Darlene Chan-Associate Producer, Playboy Jazz... Read More

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It's 9:30pm on Friday, February 2nd, and I am outside the legendary, Los Angeles music venue "The Troubadour," waiting to see the somewhat obscure, Canadian, singer/ songwriter, Ron Sexsmith.

Opened in 1957, The Troubadour has a rich, contemporary musical history, helping to launch such greats (earlier in their careers), as Tom Waits, Elton John and James Taylor. A music lover's venue, this legendary site is a medium-sized, intimate space for those who wish to truly listen to music and enjoy a performance that seems as though it is just for them. It is an uncharacteristically warm night... Read More

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