Thursday, December 13, 2018

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The Live Earth movement kicked off with a concert yesterday, which was heard in multiple cities around the world. This event marked the beginning of the celebration of all people all around the planet coming together and finally sustaining our home. This movement ain't just for hippies anymore. For 24 hours the concert played to over 2 billion people worldwide. The number of artists who played goes on and on and included as follows in no particular order: THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, KT TUNSTALL, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, KEITH URBAN, LUDACRIS, AFI, FALL OUT BOY, AKON, JOHN MAYER, MELISSA ETHERIDGE,... Read More

By Kat

Ok, so this weekend, Friday, the 6th to be exact, is another walk into the "Art Scene in Oakland". But what I want you to do is avoid the little map that Rock, Paper, Scissors puts out (and it is a wonderful tool--thank you!) But it misses a key gallery emerging in the west--the Cordelia Bell Gallery, named for the woman who owned the house and sold it to the current group of artists that breathes new life into this old Victorian--Marcel, Githinji, Dwayne, and SHIT! I can't remember his name, and I pledged to buy one of his paintings. This Saturday he and his children were painting this beautiful... Read More

"After silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music."...Aldus Huxley Summertime, summer concerts, clubs, music festivals encompassing the whole globe, Bonnaroo just finished up, Global Gathering on the way, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury is on right now, who is going to Ozzfest and who will make it to the Warped tour? No matter where we are or what we are doing, no matter what road life has pushed us down, weather we are happier than we ever been or lower than we ever thought possible, music is there. It comes exploding with energy that makes us jump and dance and... Read More

Enrique Iglesias is back with his new album Insomniac after a three year absence from the music scene. Uncharacteristically to the name of the album Insomniac is anything but a sleeper with most tracks being uptempo. The stand out tracks are bunched together in the begining -- but as a cohesive unit, Insominiac is a hit and miss. The album begins with the melodic spell bounding Ring My Bells. The track starts off slow and hesitates adding layers upon layers of snyths, 808s, strings, Lil' Jonesque flutes, and female backing vocals as it continues. Ring My Bells is followed by the hyper snyth... Read More

That small coffee chain Starbucks, you know the one with a shop on seemingly every corner in the world, is teaming with an individual of equal power in pop culture. On June 5, Starbucks plans to make history by hosting a Global Listening Event to celebrate the release of Paul McCartney's new album Memory Almost Full. Memory Almost Full will be released on Hear Music and is McCartney's first album on Hear Music. The "evocative, emotional, rocking" Memory Almost Full reunites McCartney with longtime producer and friend David Kahne and provides a very personal retrospective drawing upon such... Read More

If soulful rock were a crayon, its color would be called the Paul Thorn Band. Thorn, a native of Tupelo, Mississippi, former professional boxer and the son of a preacher, writes hard driving blues songs that tell raw stories which, to hear Thorn introduce them, are usually loosely based on true stories. With his very personal, tragic/comedy lyrics comes a band whose sound is proof positive that real rock and roll is actually still alive. Thorn and his band played the Princess Theater in Decatur, Alabama on Saturday May 26. They will return to northwest Alabama for the Helen Keller Music... Read More

The video playing was titled "We Takin' Over", performed by a half dozen currently popular rap artists. The basic premise is a group of rappers parading around Miami, whether it be cruising on a speedboat or driving 50 miles per hour in reverse to evade the FBI.

Five rappers deliver verses which all touch on the same themes yet have little to do with each other. T.I. runs off a quick list of the states he'™s supposedly about to take over, while Rick Ross grunts grammatically baffling couplets like "Bounce is what I does / I get money everyday, everyday I does."

Akon, famous... Read More

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