Thursday, November 23, 2017

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1) Blindfolded.

2) Don't watch it.

3) Have a drinking game where everytime Simmons' partner looks away in disgust, toss back some tequila.4) I already watched Gene Simmons have sex in person when I walked into my grandparents' bedroom by mistake.5) That was Gene Simmons in that video?? I thought that was Regis in a bad wig!!!6) Have a barf bag handy.7) If I wanted to watch Gene Simmons have sex, I'd go to the monkey exhibit during mating season.8) No Number 8 --writer' can't believe Gene Simmons still has sex.9) Watch the Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson sex tape instead.10) Watch it... Read More

By Kim

Nina Simone crooned "I wish I knew How it would feel to be free" from the airwaves of a progressive radio station. She was speaking in literal and figurative terms. Many were the restrictions in effect to curtail the freedom and liberty of many minorities until the 1970's and thereafter.

When Nina sang this song she spoke of the inability for some to enjoy specific theatres, restaurants, country club settings, shopping centers, swimming facilities, and other places of recreation. She also spoke of psychological, social, geographical, and emotional limitations to freedom placed on... Read More

Count Smokula is a 496-year-old undead Smokesylvanian musician and member of the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. He has appeared in a promo for America's Got Talent and also appeared on Who Wants to Be a Superhero. He has been featured on The Tom Green webcast and pictured in the USA Today. He regularly hosts burlesque events and he can write songs about people he just met. I asked him about all of these things and he responded in his thick Smokesylvanian accent.

What is Smokulism?

Smokulism is the voild vide faith as revealed unto The Count on the sleepless night of August 18, 1997,... Read More

Rising rapper LOOSE LOGIC brings his Positive Hip-Hop sounds to Hurricane’s Bar & Grill, 200 Main St., Huntington Beach, Thursday, March 6 and Thursday, March 20. Showtime: 10 p.m. and Tickets $5.00.

2007 was a breakout year for LOOSE LOGIC, called “an up-and-coming rapper” (LOS ANGELES TIMES) as one of SoCal’s fastest-rising Hip-Hop artists. ‘Logic won “Best Hip-Hop/Urban Artist Of The Year” at the recent All Access Magazine Music Awards, November 3rd at Hollywood venue, The Knitting Factory. This comes on the heels of the rapper winning “Best Urban (Rap) Artist of the Year” at... Read More

Drive-By Truckers, joined by Spooner Oldham on Wurlitzer, took the stage at the House of Blues to some pretty healthy applause. They passed around a bottle of Jack Daniel's and then got down to business, launching the three-axe attack with "Lookout Mountain."

This is not a band that has a lot of wild antics onstage. They merely "get to gettin'" to quote the great Albert Collins. Patterson Hood (showing no ill effects of the laryngitis he said he woke up with) and Mike Cooley shared the vocals throughout the set. Shonna Tucker sang two of her songs: "I'm Sorry Huston" and "Home Field... Read More

In September, I interviewed Graffiti Blues. At that point, I had only heard the songs on their Myspace page. I hadn’t yet seen them live. Recently, I went to see the band perform for the first time at the Bull Bar in Long Beach.The Bull Bar, at the corner of 7th and Redondo, would be real easy to miss. It’s one of those fairly inconspicuous places and you could easily walk right by it. Even the website is fairly inconspicuous. It contains the logo of the bar, the address, phone number, and the slogan “Cold beer, good burgers.”Graffiti Blues went on around 10. One thing that immediately struck... Read More

With all the references material things, popular hip-hop can seem more like an ad campaign than a style of music. Orange County independent hip-hop artist wants to bring the social conscience back to hip-hop. What's the story behind the name Oddity? Out of my squadron of people, I was always the strange one, just a little different. My friend who I grew up with, Castor, he gave me the name. He used to call me odd. We started getting into music around sixteen, about ten years ago. It went from odd to Oddity. Plus, a lot of hip-hop is just bland and materialistic. Being different, separating... Read More

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