Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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By Kim

A cool Friday evening of April 3rd found an audience at the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica enveloped in the melodic sound of waves from the ocean in the background.

This proved a perfect setting for Musician - Flutist Ellen Burr as she performed a stunning arrangement of George Telemann's "Twelve Fantasies for Solo Flute"

Each Fantasy whether performed in a major or minor key, flat or sharp sound, displayed emotive expression that gave you the feel as if you were in the living room of heaven with the creator hosting a private concert for you... Read More

By Kim

Although he approaches the piece with a shy smile, the intensity of his spirit leaves you anything but reserved.

The Wycliffe Gordon Quintet presented a magnificent performance at Jazz at the A Frame on March 22, 2009.

Trevor Ware on Bass

John Beasley on Piano

Ricky Woodard on Saxophone

Clayton Cameron on Drums

Wycliffe Gordon on Trombone and Piano

John Coltrane's "Impressions" was taken to a level of exquisite and reeling chord progressions, and phenomenal soloing. Wycliffe often sounded as if he were in conversation... Read More

When Nashville turned its back on country music in favor of the slick, over-produced, and video driven second rate Top Forty that now haunts country radio, I knew the end was near. Sometime in the last century the old guard of 16th Avenue was replaced with the robot-like parade of “New Country” acts, and I started making funeral arrangements for country music. Fresh faced overpaid corporate producers who never set foot in Tennessee had started churning out Top Ten hits with only one goal in mind: Chart position.

When Nashville took its cue from their target audience who... Read More

LASA Presented The 11th Annual Festival Latino

Los Angeles-The Latin American Student Association of UCLA Presented The 11th Annual Festival Latino with the theme “Volando Hacia Un Sueno-Soaring Towards A DREAM.” The amazing annual event took place on Saturday, April 4 @ Wilson Plaza. The festival featured incredible live music, a variety of cultural musical and dance performances; games and arts and crafts.

A cool spring breeze saturated Wilson Plaza with various aromas of Latin cuisine as attendees arrived unto the UCLA campus. Venice Bakery served Cuban sandwiches,raspados... Read More

31st Annual Playboy Jazz Festival Announced

Los Angeles-START SPREADING THE NEWS! The most highly anticipated announcement, second only to those made at the recent Academy Awards, and was made on February 25th at the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills.

Hugh M. Hefner and the entire Playboy Jazz Festival organization hosted a special news conference on the East lawn of the Playboy Mansion, to announce the artist line-up for the 31st Annual Playboy Jazz Festival to be held on June 13th and 14th at the historic Hollywood Bowl.

Several headliners of the festival were in... Read More

Chalk one more up for Maricopa, Arizona County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He's got hip-hop goon DMX in his clutches and wearing pink underwear.

According to Yahoo Music's Billy Johnson, Jr., in his "Hip-Hop Media Training" blog, rapper DMX is serving true hard time in Arizona's most famous penal system for animal cruelty, drug involvement and fraud. "Sheriff Joe" told Fox & Friends that he has had the policy of pink T-shirts, underwear and socks in place because inmates at the Maricopa County jail kept stealing the white underwear, so to prevent any future inmates from absconding with... Read More

By Kim

The long and sometimes tumultuous crossing from 2008 to 2009 is finally over.

We are here...awaiting promise, peace, and healing for ourselves individually, nationally, and globally.

How was anyone to know a main ingredient to that would come in a CD packed with soulful and gorgeous selections by an intuitive Guitarist Greg Poree and his exquisite ensemble?

Greg's latest CD "Inventions" is a collection of imaginative pieces that call for reflecting, reminiscing, restoring, rousing, smiling and celebrating a new year, new beginning and his new CD.

Here's a sneak peak... Read More

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