Sunday, August 19, 2018

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I had just finished a great show at Nectars, in Burlington Vermont. Nectar's was the spot. All the big hitters, small timers, artist neophytes and eclectics congregated there. The Spring Heeled Jacks and Phish were the main draws in the mid-90's. I fronted the Jacks. After the show I was approached by Gary Lemieux. Gary is the Production Manager at the Flynn Theater in Burlington, and a good friend of my Dad. Gary indicated that they needed a "runner' for the Dylan show the following day. A runner is a person that handles all the small miscellaneous errands that you and I take for granted.... Read More

Rolling Stone gathered a panel of some of the world's top guitarists and guitar experts and asked them to rank their favorite guitarists and explain what it is that seperates "legends" from the rest if the greats.

Die hard guitar fans won't be in the least surprised to know that the 1960s legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix tops the list. The Top Ten in order according to the Rolling Stone "survey" are:

1. Jimi Hendrix,

2. Eric Clapton,

3. Jimmy Page,

4. Keith Richards,

5. Jeff Beck

6. BB King,

7. Chuck Berry,

8. Eddie Van Halen,

... Read More

Call it audio osmosis- circa 1972...I was 4 years old. My dad owned all the hip vinyl...Elvis, Fab Four, The Who, Zimmy (Dylan) and all the other best works from the UK and Americana. Blues fueled rock and roll wasn't viewed too favorably and it's indiscretions made bad impressions, but man it stole my heart. As I listen to the reissue of Exile On Main Street many memories flood my process. The VW van, post hippy gatherings and great sounds. My folks and a party were synonymous for a good span. I benefited tremendously from such bell-bottomed experiences.

The irony here was dichotomy... Read More

It's hard for a fifty-eight year old woman (that would be me) to sing the praises of a woman who renamed herself Lady Gaga and wraps herself in raw meat to go onstage and talk about being authentic. Before I got to know her music, I had a hard time considering the wearing of red meat on your body to be authentic. But I thought it might be a generational thing. I, like so many of my peers, thought of the Gaga as a 2011 remake of Madonna, who was more show than talent. I was wrong.

Lady Gaga was Stephanie someone-or-other, and she grew up in New York City at the same time as my fabulous... Read More

This is where it gets tricky aye? The role of the a & r or band manager has changed tremendously over the last 5 years. In the early 90's I gigged with the Spring Heeled Jacks, on the River Rat Record label. They are no longer and the Jacks are merely a memory sprinkled with nostalgic dust. It was a great run while it lasted and we wrote and recorded some great songs and better yet created lifelong memories. The early 90's were great as we toured Montreal, NYC, Boston, Hartford, Burlington VT, NH and most towns in New England. I played probably 15-20 gigs a month and supported myself... Read More

When the ability to see Roger Waters on his solo performance of The Wall was announced I was less than moved. Don’t get me wrong, I love Waters as much as the next person. It’s just that it wasn’t Floyd without Gilmore. As time went on and I read more and more about the production that was due to come into Pittsburgh on September 26th, 2010, I became more and more curious. Some inner voice told me that I could not miss this show, that it would be mind blowing, that it would be my last shot to see what may be the final tour of least one of the original Pink Floyd members. I owe that voice... Read More

Yes! A new Blondie Video.

It amazes me when the younger generation says, “Blondie? Who?”

I have been listening to Blondie (lead singer Debbie Harry) since I was in High School. I graduated in 1982. Blondie is, by far, one of my favorite bands.

I saw Debbie Harry in concert at the Keswick Theater just a couple of years ago. She was 63 and still rockin’. I was also at Blondie’s very last concert before they split up in 1982 at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. They reunited in after a 17 year hiatus with the Album “No Exit”.

This video is from Blondie's latest release... Read More

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