Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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This is where it gets tricky aye? The role of the a & r or band manager has changed tremendously over the last 5 years. In the early 90's I gigged with the Spring Heeled Jacks, on the River Rat Record label. They are no longer and the Jacks are merely a memory sprinkled with nostalgic dust. It was a great run while it lasted and we wrote and recorded some great songs and better yet created lifelong memories. The early 90's were great as we toured Montreal, NYC, Boston, Hartford, Burlington VT, NH and most towns in New England. I played probably 15-20 gigs a month and supported myself... Read More

When the ability to see Roger Waters on his solo performance of The Wall was announced I was less than moved. Don’t get me wrong, I love Waters as much as the next person. It’s just that it wasn’t Floyd without Gilmore. As time went on and I read more and more about the production that was due to come into Pittsburgh on September 26th, 2010, I became more and more curious. Some inner voice told me that I could not miss this show, that it would be mind blowing, that it would be my last shot to see what may be the final tour of least one of the original Pink Floyd members. I owe that voice... Read More

Yes! A new Blondie Video.

It amazes me when the younger generation says, “Blondie? Who?”

I have been listening to Blondie (lead singer Debbie Harry) since I was in High School. I graduated in 1982. Blondie is, by far, one of my favorite bands.

I saw Debbie Harry in concert at the Keswick Theater just a couple of years ago. She was 63 and still rockin’. I was also at Blondie’s very last concert before they split up in 1982 at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. They reunited in after a 17 year hiatus with the Album “No Exit”.

This video is from Blondie's latest release... Read More

While music lovers are still mourning the loss of Jagjit Singh, the maestro also left a void in the world of ghazal singing. There may be no dearth of listeners for this genre, but, unfortunately, few youngsters are taking to it and pursuing it as a profession. With no promising talent making it at the top levels, is this the end of the road for the genre?

“The current generation is drifting away from language and poetry,” says lyricist Javed Akhtar, who has worked with Singh on songs like Jaate jaate woh mujhe achchi nishani de gaya. “Due to lack of patronage, the genre is not getting... Read More

I think I was 15 when I heard a live symphony orchestra for the first time. It was in a church and my high school boyfriend's mother played violin in this group. I never forgot that sensation, that tickle in my ear upon hearing live stringed instruments. There is no other way for me to describe it but live music especially violins, violas, cellos, basses...taps into something deep and is unlike any other experience. Also as a non-musician, I acknowledge the extent to what I absorb of the classic masterworks is small. The complexity and emotion is apparent but there is so much more.

... Read More
By Kim

The remarkable advantage about going to the "A Frame" is you're always in for gorgeous gain. It’s like Christmas every month of the year. Although it’s true, Jesus Christ birthday isn't actually December 25th, and Christmas doesn't come once a month... If it did, I'd wage, he would celebrate it at this splendid venue that's akin to heaven on earth each month of the year.

Hosted by Betty Hoover and nested in the hills of Hollywood is one of the best Jazz venues ever.

On Sunday, October 16, 2011, The Peter Smith Quartet serenaded a focused and devoted audience with original compositions... Read More

The very first time I saw Lady Gaga, I was just tuning in to something that was already in progress. The camera was very far from the stage, and all I could see was blond hair. I thought at first that it might be Christina Aguilera.

The next time I saw her, she was wearing a hugely outlandish costume, and it was completely unflattering; she started to remind me of a cross between Marilyn Manson and Madonna, and I was less than impressed. It felt like a gimmick to me, not true creative expression. She didn't have her own identity, she'd taken over two others. Apparently, I wasn't... Read More

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